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Clay B Summer Session 2

Clay Summer Session 2
June 7-19, 2020
Del Harrow
Building Systems

This workshop will explore a range of systems and techniques for creating volumetric, handbuilt sculptures with a focus on problems of scale, gravity, and architecture. We’ll engage in demonstrations, reading, discussions, and critiques, and techniques will include building with coils and slabs, using one-part plaster molds, glazing and electric firing (cone 04 oxidation). We’ll draw inspiration from the sympathetic creative practices of music and poetry and their use of system, material, and formal thinking to generate creative expression. All levels. Code 02CB

Associate professor at Colorado State University; other teaching: Haystack (ME), Anderson Ranch (CO); exhibitions: Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Denver Art Museum, Milwaukee Museum of Art; representation: Haw Contemporary (Kansas City), Harvey/Meadows Gallery (CO).

Abstract ceramic and wood sculpture installation by Del Harrow
Del Harrow, "Table and Surface/Hole/Shadow," ceramic, glaze, plywood, sculpture on right: 60 x 20 x 20 inches