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Clay A Summer Session 7

Clay Summer Session 7
August 22-28, 2021
Heesoo Lee
Dimensional Expression on Ceramic Surfaces

Students in this workshop will explore handbuilding, sgraffito, texture, and watercolor-style underglaze to create images of nature and memory on functional and sculptural porcelain vessels and tiles. First we’ll create a clay canvas through an additive process on handbuilt or wheelthrown porcelain forms. Then we’ll use commercial watercolor-style underglazes to create perspective and depth and imitate traditional China paint effects on greenware and bisque-fired surfaces. Projects will be tailored to your interests with special emphasis on landscapes and perspective. Basic wheelthrowing skills are a plus, but this workshop is open to all levels. Upper clay studio.

Studio artist; Archie Bray summer residency and long-term residency (MT); exhibitions: Akar (IA), Archie Bray, International Ceramic Biennale (Korea), TRAX Gallery (CA).


Vase decorated with a colorful raised tree design
Heesoo Lee, "In Dreams," porcelain, 18 inches tall