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Clay A Summer Session 2

Clay Summer Session 2
June 7-19, 2020
Sanam Emami
Pottery: Vessels for Food

Serving dishes contain and serve; they hold our favorite foods and our cultural histories. In this workshop, we’ll explore a range of historic and contemporary ideas for serving and storing everything from small delicacies to main courses. These ideas—organized around the space of the table—will be the starting point for imagining the form, scale, surface, and structure of pots. We’ll use mid-range clays, glazes, and slips and explore a variety of solutions to transform drawings and sketches into three-dimensional clay forms. Bring family recipes and sketches of ideas for serving dishes. Basic wheelthrowing skills will be helpful, but this workshop is open to all levels. Code 02CA

Associate professor at Colorado State University; Archie Bray residency (MT), New York Foundation for the Arts grant; exhibitions: Schaller Gallery (MI), Flower City Invitational (NY), Harvey/Meadows Gallery (CO).

A selection of colorful, patterned plates and bowls by Sanam Emami
Sanam Emami, "Tableware," stoneware, chocolate stoneware, slips, stencils, oxidation, largest plate: 10 inches