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Books & Paper B Summer Session 7

Books & Paper Summer Session 7
August 22-28, 2021
Shanna Leino
Bone Folders Elevated

Working with elk bone, we’ll craft a traditional tool of the bookbinding trade: the bone folder. We’ll play with shape and ornament to move beyond a simple tool into the realm of the sculptural and adorned. These will be custom tools made to suit your individual needs, resulting in instruments of function and beauty. Students will create a small quiver of unique bone tools and a leather tool roll to house them safely. All levels. Note: We’ll be working with bone from elk killed in the wild. This material would otherwise be wasted and thrown away, but it is an animal product nonetheless.

Studio artist; teaching: University of Georgia Cortona Italy Program, Paper and Book Intensive (MI), Boston University, Minnesota Center for the Book, University of Iowa Center for the Book; Fiskars Artist in Residence (Finland); collections: Yale University Library (CT), University of Washington Special Collections, University of Iowa Special Collections.

Shanna Leino, "Carved Elk Bone Folders," elk bone, various dimensions