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Books & Paper P Summer Session 6

Books & Paper Summer Session Six
August 12-24
Akemi Martin & Paul Wong
Quintessential Stencil 2.0

This workshop will focus on papermaking methods that use creative stenciling. We’ll use translucent overbeaten linen and abaca with cotton pulps and pigmentation for pulp-paint formulas. We’ll cut mylar stencils and use them to create watermarks, pulp-painted pochoir, and blow-outs (pulp silhouette). We’ll expand possibilities using found stencils, lace, tape, cut vinyl, and found objects. The product will be an editioned or variable portfolio to share with each student. All levels. Code 06PM

Akemi: master papermaker and collaborator at Pace Prints (NYC); teaching: SUNY Purchase (NY), Dieu Donné (NYC), Gowanus Studio Space (NYC); publications: Hand Papermaking. Paul: master papermaker and artistic director at Dieu Donné (NYC); teaching: Haystack (ME), Paper & Book Intensive (MI); grants: New York Foundation for the Arts, Joan Mitchell Foundation (NYC).

Akemi Martin, "Sited," handmade and watermarked linen and cotton paper, 6 x 8 inches
Paul Wong, "Variable Lattice," pigmented cotton and linen pulp, 20 x 16 inches each