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Books & Paper P Summer Session 7

Books & Paper Summer Session 7
August 25-30, 2019
Jiyoung Chung
Joomchi! Why Not?

Joomchi is a traditional Korean method for making textured paper using water, mulberry paper, and eager hands. This workshop will cover its history, practice, and role in Korean society as well as the hands-on techniques and adaptations that have made it into a contemporary art form. Joomchi creates strong, textural, and painterly surfaces by layering and agitating Hanji (Korean mulberry papers). Its uses are diverse, and it can be incorporated into surface design, collage, drawings, wearables, unconventional body ornaments, or sculptural objects. All levels. Code 07PM

Studio artist; teaching: Arrowmont (TN), Sacramento Fine Arts Center (CA), Pacific Northwest Art School (WA), Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education; exhibitions include 31 solo shows in the US and abroad; collections: Fidelity Corporate Art Collection (Boston), Museum of Arts and Design (NYC); author of Joomchi & Beyond.

Jiyoung Chung, "Whisper Romance III-VI," joomchi, handmade paper, paper yarn, 24 x 18 inches