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Yoshiko Wada in The Japan Times

Yoshiko Wada

Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, who’ll be teaching Boro Transformed (boro is a Japanese folk fabric; click here for a good explanation) in the textiles studio at Penland this summer, was featured last week in an article in The Japan Times.

Yoshiko Wada, textile artist and scholar, believes the word “sustainable” in foods and fashion shares the same philosophical taste. “Both are a holistic approach, about health, environment, and the community that supports it. We must recapture and rethink how we are going to sustain our Earth and society, our community and our cultural heritage,” she says.

“Without biodiversity, we cannot keep the health of the Earth, and the same thing goes for people. Without cultural diversity, we cannot harmoniously live, unless each person feels pride in who they are. We cannot harmoniously sustain humankind without cultural diversity….”

You can click here to read the complete article.

And you can click here for more information about Yoshiko’s workshop and other Penland textiles classes.

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