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The Weight of Black

Shift by Jerilyn Virden
Jerilyn Virden - "Shift" - handbuilt earthenware, hollow construction, terra sigillata

The color black carries all sorts of suggestions and meaning, not the least of which is weight. In fact, it has been shown that when people see two identical objects–one black and one white–they tend to think that the black object is heavier. Artists and graphic designers also know that black suggests areas of weight in their visual compositions. This is the basic idea being explored in a new exhibition at the Penland Gallery titled The Weight of Black. This mixed-media show includes pieces in clay, glass, jewelry, paper, photography, printmaking, and textiles made by artists who have chosen to use the color black as an important thematic or compositional element. The show runs through July 18. You can see more work from the show here.

Untitled by Jerry Spagnoli
Jerry Spagnoli - Untitled from "American Dreaming" - pigment print