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2D or Not 2D with Jim Adams | April 6-12, 2014


Being present is the key. All of the best tools, materials and ideas are just artifacts and ether without a maker who is present. A fully present maker is truly something to behold.–Jim Adams


Jim Adams, Looking Back, acrylic, graphite, canvas, 60 x 48 inches
Jim Adams, Looking Back, acrylic, graphite, canvas, 60 x 48 inches

Jim Adams
2D or Not 2D
In the drawing and painting studio

In this intensive one-week drawing and painting workshop, we’ll explore graphite and paper along with transparent acrylic colors. The workshop will help artists working in 3d media develop drawing and painting skills and it will help 2d artists explore new approaches to the blank page. Along with demonstrations and plenty of work time, we’ll spend one day making collaborative temporary installations using found materials and traditional painting and sculpting media to stretch our thinking about 2d and 3d work. We’ll consider the blur in our discussions and possibly frustrate each other toward greatness! Students of all levels and media interests welcome. Code S02D 




We’ll also discuss the value and practice of a keeping a sketchbook and consider ways to develop a studio practice–no matter where we are and which tools we have at hand. Studio assistant Libby Lynn will demonstrate encaustic painting.


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Jim Adams in a studio artist working in painting, drawing, blacksmithing, and sculpture. (In Februrary of 2014, he’ll be making work in Penland’s iron studio.) Jim has taught at Jordan High School (NC), Grace School of Art (NC), Burren College of Art (Ireland) residency, and has demonstrated at the Interational Stone Sculpture Symposium (IN). His work is represented by Broadhurst Gallery (NC).