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Spring with the Rothshanks

Nine weeks with these wonderful humans.

It was a joy to share space with the Rothshank family this spring. Both parents taught a workshop and the kids lit up the campus with their curiosity and energy as they learned, explored the surrounding area, and inspired us all.

Justin Rothshank taught an eight-week clay workshop titled “Decals, Soda Firing, and Pottery,” and Brooke Rothshank taught “Tiny Gratitudes,” a workshop in miniature painting during the spring short session.

Justin said, “It has been an especially inspiring and enriching time for each of us and we’re all grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this community for a short time.”

We are honored to have shared this special time with you, Rothshanks. Come back soon!

Collaborating on great pottery designs

Custom chess set

Making knives

Participating in “Mending Day” with Celia Pym and her mending workshop

“Free Painting Station”

Visiting Mount Mitchell