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Sending Daniel T. Beck Off in Style

We will miss you, Daniel Beck!

“Daniel T. Beck, with his inimitable (or, I guess highly imitable) style, has been a part of Penland’s heart and soul for over 13 years. His gifts as an artist, coworker, collaborator, and community builder have made him dear to everyone who calls this place home as well as many who pass through. Our lives have been richer for Daniel’s presence, and Penland has been made more capable and kind. We’re excited for new opportunities coming his way. But we sure will miss you, my friend!”

-Ian Henderson, Penland director of operations

Daniel is headed to NYC to work as the Production Manager for Tom Sachs Studio!

Daniel has left an indelible mark on this school, first as a core fellow, then as iron studio coordinator for 10 years, and most recently as studio operations manager. He’s an accomplished iron and metalsmith, and many visitors will remember his impressive, circular sculpture that lives outside the Penland Gallery.

“I’m really struggling to put into words how much the individuals here have made my life a rich and rewarding daily experience,” he said.” A piece of my heart will always live here; I wish I could thank each and every person I’ve had the pleasure of working and living with at Penland.”

Daniel and Stacey Lane


Good luck, Daniel! Come and visit us soon!

Want to imitate Daniel’s imitable style? Here’s how:

  • black shoes with one pink lace
  • white socks
  • black Dickies or other work pant
  • black button-down work shirt
  • pink hoodie or pink bandana
  • black jacket
  • mustache
  • black- or red-framed glasses
  • black hat
  • heart of gold

Happy Daniel Beck Day!