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Robert Fulghum at Penland

Painting by Dimitris Katsigiannis

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that Robert Fulghum, author of  All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, took a woodworking class at Penland with his son this summer. It seems he kept a low profile vis-a-vis his fame and we didn’t notice that we’d had a celebrated literary personage in our midst until he wrote about the experience on his blog:

“Back after a two week adventure at Penland. 
If you are involved in the world of crafts, you would immediately recognize that I’ve made a pilgrimage to the heart of the world of fine crafts…
“My son, Hunter, and I decided to do something together this summer, and instead of a road trip somewhere to look at someplace, we would go somewhere and learn something. We’ve both long been amateur carpenter-woodworkers, so we chose a course at Penland called Screw It – focused on alternative methods of wood joinery. The class of twelve students made tables, experimental croquet mallets, and small sculptures.  The wood studio was huge – a wood workers dream – containing every kind of tool and machinery to do almost anything to shape wood.
And the studio was open and in use 24 hours a day…”

Click here to read the full article, plus Clothes Pin Meditation, an original short story.

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