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Remotely Sensing by Jennifer Bueno on USA Projects

Jennifer Bueno's Remotely SensingJennifer Bueno, a mixed-media sculptor and former Penland resident artist, is fundraising on USA Projects for an upcoming installation at The Annex in Raleigh, NC. Her project, Remotely Sensing, is based on the out-of-body feeling generated by observing the earth via satellite images:

…Recently, I’ve found myself engrossed in satellite images. Though these images are created by data gathered directly from our planet, they seem otherworldly.  Their false colors are created by gathering specific frequencies from the spectrum that give an alien glow, and when you think about it are really only “false” to our species who see a limited number of frequencies.  And yet they are accessible. In the terrain I can identify a river, a mountain, a city; viewing the earth at a certain distance creates an odd sense of knowing place.

I would like to create a body of work that ruminates on how these now ubiquitous images affect our perception of place.  I see this body of work as a focus of my exploration of awareness within the context of experience. Some of these satellite images invoke an out of body feeling similar to a kind of ”spirit projection”.  For me looking at these images creates a distance in time between myself and the place that I see. They create a magical change that I am extremely excited about. It is our home becoming something else….

If you’d like to read Jennifer’s proposal and perhaps consider supporting her project, click here to visit her USA Projects page.

You can also click here to visit Jennifer Bueno’s website, to learn more about her other artwork.