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P̶h̶o̶t̶o̶ E-mail of the week


Yes, you read us right. E-mail.

We, too, get too much of it. But sometimes, there is a man. A man for our times. A clever man. A man who drops ALL CAPS at just the right moment, and selects the choicest ironic GIFs.

At Penland, there is one such man. And he sends all-staff e-mail like this:




Who is the evil genius behind the e-mail above?

One man: our friend, IT manager Mark Boyd.

(Disclaimer: Mark is not evil. He’s solely responsible for ensuring that Penland’s narrow pipeline of bandwidth never clogs. And we’ve noticed: he’s wickedly clever when stressful situations arise.)

To wit: this week, after a weather event (in the parlance of our times) slayed the Penland phone system, Mark shouldered the burden and sent this zinger to all Penland staff:




No, thank YOU, Mark Boyd, for keepin’ on.