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Out of Their Comfort Zone

dan estabrook

One of the key features of this week’s instructors retreat is the number of people who are working outside their normal media. Not all, but many of the participants are using the week to explore new materials or to use tools they don’t normally have access to. Participants have been teaching each other, and our studio coordinators and studio assistants have been incredibly generous, putting in  long days helping experienced artists work their way down unfamiliar paths. In the picture above, photographer Dan Estabrook is getting some help with soldering from studio assistant Ben Dory.

dan clayman

Here’s glass sculptor Dan Clayman working in the print studio.


Beatrice Coron

This is cut-paper artist Béatrice Coron working the flame shop.


Richard Burkett and Janis Miltenberger

Here’s flameworker Janis Miltenberger explaining her letterpress project to ceramicist Richard Burkett.


Kathy King

Ceramic artist Kathy King making a screen print.


Joseph Cavilieri

Stained glass artist Joseph Cavilieri cutting out an etched piece of copper for a glass and metal piece he’s working on.

heather wetzel

Photographer and book artist Heather Wetzel getting some help in the wood shop from studio assistant Billy McLain.


Kyu Yamamoto

And, of course, there has been plenty of time for deep conversation. This is art educator Meg Peterson talking to clay sculptor and painter Kyu Yamamoto.