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gigapan image by Dan Bailey

This is a very small rendition of a very large photograph made by instructor Dan Bailey during our July 4 celebration. What you are seeing was stitched together from 1.100 images made over a three hour period–that’s why some parts of the picture are dark; those frames were taken after dark. You can see the whole thing at the Gigapan website.

Once you get there, you can zoom in and out and scroll around. Because so many pictures were combined, you can zoom in a long way on any part of the picture, like this:

Oh, that’s cool, I can see all those little people around that picnic table. Wait, who is that in the green shirt, sitting on the left side of the table?

Oh, it’s the famous glass artist Billy Bernstein.

If you were here, you might even find yourself, but in any case you can stay busy for a while looking at this thing.

It’s right here.

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