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Friends in American Craft



Fabulous felter, friend, and textiles instructor Lisa Klakulak gets a writeup in the most recent American Craft.

“Lisa Klakulak’s rustic cabin in Asheville, North Carolina, is in many ways more workspace than home. Her living room is not a cozy den laden with creature comforts; instead it holds several tall work tables, shelves of craft books, bundles of wool, leaves, natural pigment dyes, seedpods, and embroidered textiles collected on various travels.

“This is where Klakulak sculpts felt into textured body adornment and sculptural works. But it’s her time away from home, teaching and touring in far-flung locales around the globe, that’s given rise to her aesthetic..”

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And (exaggeratedly) identical twin sculpture instructors Kyle and Kelly Phelps are profiled in the same issue.

“…The Phelps twins share a very personal artistic vision. Together they make art that puts a human face on a growing statistic – workers displaced by downsizing, outsourcing, automation, and hard times. Reminiscent of the WPA art of the 1930s, their wall-mounted, relief-style work shows men and women in moments of struggle: laid off, cast out, down but not always entirely without hope…”

You can click here to read the complete article at American Craft.