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Roll with it

January print resident Leslie Lachance, a poet and creative writing professor at the University of Tennessee, rolls a broadside through the Vandercook press. Leslie is also a teacher of hatha yoga, and led some evening classes for residents and staff.

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Making ornaments

making glass ornaments at Penland

Studio manager (and glassblower) Simone Travisano helping registrar Gretchen Travers make a glass ornament in late December. Simone and glass studio coordinator Dean Allison generously invited everyone on staff up to the glass studio to roll their own (with a little help and instruction).

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Riding the dolphin

steel dolphin at Penland

You may recall the steel dolphin being made in Vivian Beer’s fall iron class (see October 20, below). Well it was finished a few days ago, fitted with a saddle, mounted in a large steel ring, and hung from the bridge crane (which moves back and forth through the studio). The iron class hosted a party on Saturday night that included dolphin rides. Here’s Penland’s communications manager Robin Dreyer testing it out. (Photo by Vivian Beer).

steel dolphin at Penland

Here is the beautiful thing by itself.

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Haunted Homosote

Penland haunted Homosote

This scary crew—of Penland staff, students, and neighbors—put on a stellar haunted house in Homosote on Halloween night. Homosote is an old dorm that has been replaced and will soon be dismantled, so someone had the idea that its last hurrah could be as a haunted house. Think about it—if you do a haunted house in a building that’s going to be torn down, you can kind of mess it up without consequence. Hmmm….



Here it is from the outside.