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Photo of the Week: Community Open House

community open house at penland

Volunteer Mike Chmielewski working with a visitor to the iron studio during Penland’s annual Community Open House, which took place on Saturday, March 3. One-hundred and sixty volunteers, 500 visitors, and most of the school’s staff spent the afternoon on activities in most of Penland’s studios. You can see a big album of pictures here. Join us next year on Saturday, March 2.

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Hieroglyphic boards

boards at Penland School

We are in the process of taking down the old Homosote building, which has been replaced by some new housing built this year. Much of the material in the building is being recycled by community members, and when the ceiling was removed, these elaborately decorated rafters were discovered. Perhaps this is the key to finding the long-lost Penland gold.

(Don’t get excited; there’s no such thing.)

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The song of the open road

penland road

This may not look like much to you, but to us, it’s a beautiful sight. This section of the Penland road, which lies between the school and the post office (not to mention the homes of many staff members), has been closed for months. It was falling off the hill and the only solution was to move the road. This involved a number of large machines, a bunch of workers, and a lot of dynamite. Yesterday, they opened it to traffic (it will be paved after it’s good and packed) and our detouring days have come to an end.

Nobody is happier than Bill Ford, who drives to the post office twice a to pick up and drop off the school’s mail.