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First-Annual Studio Coordinator Pumpkin Contest!

Studio Coordinators and Pumpkins!

The First-Annual Studio-Coordinator Pumpkin-Carving Contest! Kudos to newcomer, wood studio coordinator Kylie Little for coaxing these busy folks into a great time! The winner was Nadia Massoud, metals studio coordinator! Her entry was inspired by a conversation with print and letterpress studio coordinator Adam Leestma about prong jewelry settings (in response to last weekend’s workshop). The winning pumpkin features a diamond in a skeletal “gem finger” setting. PRONGS = GEM FINGERS!

Honorable mention went to clay studio coordinator, Susan Feagin, whose geometrically-carved pumpkin was an homage to Matt Repsher, a recent Penland Resident Artist. The judges admired the structural soundness of her extensively-carved pumpkin!

Tapped from Penland staff, judges included front office administrator Josie Davis and bookkeeper Donnie Roberts, who brought considerable gravitas to the task. Closing the doors to the Northlight pedestal closet, they considered the  “substance of the squash” and “gestalt of the gourd” in reverent whispers.

Each pumpkin was special in its own way! Wood coordinator Kylie Little used a dremel to create a “maple-like” surface design on her pumpkin. Print and letterpress studio coordinator Adam Leestma created a pumpkin with “boo” rendered as letterpress type, spelled backward, of course. Iron studio coordinator Daniel Beck created a “punk-kin” with black Krylon spray paint. Textiles studio coordinator Danielle Lasker created a poppet-inspired entry, filled with creepy pins and complete with a stitched-up smile. Excused from participation were glass studio coordinator Nick Fruin and book studio coordinator Beth Lacourt who had important life stuff, but also love pumpkins.

The winner took home a very classy Penland MiiR Typography Tumbler and a gift certificate. Of course, bragging rights are the real prize. Congratulations to all and Happy Halloween!

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Thank you, 2021 Summer Interns!

To view these images as a slideshow, please CLICK HERE!

1. All the 2021 Summer Interns!
2. Hanging outside the pines!
3. Clay studio intern Emily helping with the salt kiln!
4. Special events intern Katie making a drone video for the Penland Benefit Auction!
5. Glass intern Andrew with visiting artist Ché Rhodes
6. Glass studio intern John assists visiting artist Fred Kahl
7. Intro to electricity class with all of the summer interns
8. Clay intern Nora assists instructor Linda Christianson
9. Special events interns Katie and Kara sending out thank you letters to scholarship supporters with special events coordinator Marianna Pop
10. Iron studio intern Odette helps fix a tool
Thank you, Penland summer interns! Y’all rocked it! We could not have done it without you! Seventy-seven summer workshops and the Penland Benefit Auction were a great success, thanks to your help!


This summer was special. We expanded our summer internship program as part of pandemic-related restructuring. Normally, each workshop has its own studio assistant. This year, we were able to assign a summer intern to each studio to support instructors. Interns came from all over the country and stayed with us on campus from May through August!


We loved getting to know these awesome folks!


Andrea Ramos – Textiles studio
Andrew Mahaffie – Glass studio
Avery Newton – Wood studio
Elizabeth Kaise – Print & Letterpress studios
Ellyse Bendillo – Metals studio
Emily Gunning – Clay studio
John Dillard – Glass studio
Kara Fisher – Donor relations
Katherine Speer – Special events
Lil Seidlin-Gore – Clay studio
Lindsay Davis – Drawing, Painting & Photography studios
Meera Mittal – Books & Paper
Nora Watkins – Clay studio
Odette Blaisdale – Iron studio
Rowan Leek – Books & Paper