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Auction style!


penland auction

Penland staff member Jane Crowe ready to great the public with orange accents.


Auction coordinator Kate Boyd, ready for anything with her Kate-tastic utility belt.


Kitchen staff Sam Ktul in his salad-wrangler ringer.


Studio coordinator Liz Murray and volunteer Matthew Karkutt, with textiles-workshop, safety-first jazz hands.


Ambassador Rachael Anderson, shielding herself stylishly from the sun with an official Penland auction umbrella.


Volunteer Jen Phelps in her LBD.


Bid spotter Char Walker in bid-spotter purple plus the official bid-spotter yellow spot.


Mostly black for the intrepid folks who carry the art.


Mostly white for the equally intrepid folks who mix and serve the drinks.


Volunteer Patrick Beggs with his customized auction T-shirt.