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Spring printmaking class outside their studio

Program director (and photographer) Dana Moore and I had a thrilling experience last week riding in a helicopter over Penland so we could make some aerial photographs of the campus. We’ll be using a few of them in our upcoming fall/spring catalog and we’ll find lots of other uses for them as well–starting with this blog. The photo above shows the letterpress and print studio in the middle and the clay studio on the left.

Main campus from over the meadow (Dana Moore)

Here’s a long view from above the meadow. The red spot in the middle of the frame is the roof of the Craft House.

Main campus from above the Craft House (Robin Dreyer)

Here you can see from the Craft House (lower right) all the way up the hill to the wood studio.

Main campus from over the wood studio (Robin Dreyer)

Now we are above the wood studio looking down the hill with the meadow in the distance. To the left of the wood studio is the iron studio. The next two buildings down the hill are glass and Northlight.

The back side of Horner Hall

This is Horner Hall, home of the Penland Gallery. There is a larger group of aerial photos on our Facebook page if you want to see more. And the answer to your question is: helicopters are really, really fun.

–Robin Dreyer