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A remarkable process

Diane Kirschenabum at Penland

Student Diane Kirschenbaum rolling dye/reduction material onto a foam stencil in preparation for making patterned silk scarf through the vat-dye discharge process. The gist of the process is this: A reduction agent is mixed with vat dye, applied to pre-dyed fabric and then steamed. During the steaming process the pre-dyed color gets removed and the vat dye gets deposited.

So, after Diane finished rolling the mixture onto the stencil, she transferred it by pressing the stencil onto the piece of blue silk in the right of the photograph. Then it was processed with steam. The one-week class in the process was taught by Janet Taylor, who learned it twenty years ago at Penland.


vat-dye discharge

Here’s a detail of Diane’s finished scarf.

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