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Photo of the Week: Core Camo Day

Penland's core fellows

This crew is working hard all week to get so many things ready for the beginning of summer workshops on May 26. They are, of course, the Penland Core Fellows: a remarkable group of artists who live together in a big house on Penland campus, take workshops throughout the year, push their work in new directions, and do all sorts of important jobs for the school. They are dressed in camouflage because they are busy and don’t want to be interrupted so they figured they’d be harder to find this way.

Nah, they just decided it was just camo day.

Left to right: SaraBeth Post, Mia Kaplan, L Autumn Gnadinger, Erika Schuetz, Kento Saisho, Josh Fredock, Devyn Vasquez, Kat Toler, Scott Vander Veen.

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Sixteen Spring Workshops

We’ve just finished uploading all Spring 2020 workshop descriptions to the Penland website, which means that a full year of workshops is available for your browsing pleasure! Take a look at all our upcoming offerings here.

Spring and fall at Penland both offer students two very different options: focused, immersive one-week sessions that delve into a particular skill or technique, and expansive, eight-week sessions known as concentrations that allow artists of all levels to cover a lot of ground in the studio.

Here’s a taste of the concentrations we’ll be offering next March 8 – May 1, 2020 for those who want to go deep in the studio:

  • ClayParts Unknown with Jenny Mendes
  • GlassIntentions & Innovations with Dan Mirer
  • IronAttention to Detail with Andrew Dohner
  • MetalsWunderkammer with Suzanne Pugh
  • PhotoProcessing Process with Mercedes Jelinek
  • LetterpressPrint/Process/Production with Jamie Karolich
  • TextilesFollowing Threads: Trusting Tangents with Hillary Waters Fayle
Students in Annie Evelyn’s Spring 2019 woodworking concentration pose with some of their chairs at the session’s final Show and Tell.

And, for those who want the Penland experience in shorter bursts, we’re excited to share these one-week offerings:

  • GlassEbb & Flow with Ben Elliott
  • TextilesHandweaving: Foundations & Exploration with Amanda Thatch
  • PrintmakingWord & Image with Stuart Kestenbaum and Susan Webster
  • PaperPaper of Place with Frank Brannon
  • TextilesFelt & Straw Hats: Traditional Blocked & Freeform with Wayne Wichern
  • WoodThe Art of the Bandsaw Box with Jenna Goldberg
  • BooksBookstone Bookwork Woodwork with Daniel Essig
  • ClayDon’t Hate, Decorate! with Kurt Anderson
  • WoodCreating Stringed Instruments with Beth Ireland & Keunho Peter Park

Registration for each of the above workshops opens on Wednesday, May 15 at 10 AM Eastern time. Students will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Scholarships are available for all eight-week concentrations. Scholarship applications are due by June 15 for fall workshops and November 28 for spring workshops. Beginners and advanced students alike are encouraged to apply!

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Photo of the Week: Upholstery Dyeing

This is student Dev Flaherty and textiles instructor Jessica Green dipping wool cloth into madder (it was previously dyed yellow). The point of interest here, other than the great color, is that Dev was a student in the chair making Concentration in the wood studio. Annie Evelyn, who taught the wood class, is an upholsterer as well as a woodworker, and most of her students upholstered at least one of the chairs they made in the workshop. Several of them also spent some quality time in the textiles studio as Jessica generously helped them create custom colors for their upholstery fabric. This is just one of the many reasons it’s amazing to have so many different materials and processes happening at the same time.


This is the chair he made. It’s quite comfortable.