Summer Open Workshops

Summer 2018 Open Workshops

Spaces are reserved in every workshop for scholarship students. Scholarship applications are due by February 17. Apply for a scholarship here.

Enrollment is currently open for full-pay students on a first-come, first-served basis. As of January 18, the following workshops still had open spaces for full-pay students. If you don’t see the workshop you want, we encourage you to call the Penland registrar at 828-765-2359 to add your name to the waiting list. Spaces often open up, and there is no charge to be added to the waiting list. This list is subject to change; please check back frequently.

Books & Paper

3rd Session – Repetitive Deconstruction with Golnar Adili
4th Session – Handmade Artists’ Books with Frank Hamrick
6th Session – Quintessential Stencil 2.0 with Akemi Martin and Paul Wong
7th Session – Contemporary Historic Binding with Brien Beidler
7th Session – Paper & Textiles: Inside & Out with Amy Jacobs (1 space left)


2nd Session – Thrown & Handbuilt Pitchers with Matt Kelleher
3rd Session – Carving on Pots: It’s Not All Black & White with Karen Newgard
3rd Session – The Ceramic (Still) Life with Kelly O’Briant
4th Session – A Slower Pace with Kenyon Hansen (1 space left)
4th Session – Figuring Out the Figure with Keith Wallace Smith
5th Session – Juicy! with Ronan Kyle Peterson
6th Session – Pinch-Forming: A Mindful Approach with Paul Briggs
7th Session – Finding Pattern in Nature with Ben Carter
7th Session – Brushmaking: From Tool to Treasure with Troy Bungart

Drawing & Painting

3rd Session – Experimental Drawing & Sketchbook Development with Evie Woltil Richner (1 space left)
5th Session – Anatomy & Écorché with Jill Eberle
6th Session – Airbrushing for the Bold & Daring with Brandon J. Donahue


1st Session – Essential Shape with David Naito
1st Session – Seeking Enlightenment with Sarah Blood
2nd Session – Get It Together with Amanda Patenaude and Megan Stelljes
3rd Session – Hybrid Liquidity with Shane Fero and Angus Powers
3rd Session – Local Flora and Fauna with Wesley Fleming (1 space left)
4th Session – Discerning Assemblage with Robert Lewis
4th Session – Tempted By Fire with Cedric Ginart and Karina Guevin (1 space left)
5th Session – Flat Glass Murrine Roll-Ups with Giles Bettison and Marc Petrovic
6th Session – Strengthen Your Core with Jason Minami
6th Session – Glass Fun with Bandhu with Bandhu Dunham
7th Session – Goblets: Don’t Waste Your Time with Nick Fruin


2nd Session – Fabricating & Forging Utensils with Erica Moody
3rd Session – Sculpture Project with Roberto Giordani
5th Session – Steel Sculpture with Shawn HibmaCronan
6th Session – Forge = Direct Positive Action with L. Japheth Howard and Alice James
7th Session – Basic Inlay with Andrew Meers (1 space left)


1st Session – Metal, Texture, Enamel with Tanya Crane
1st Session – Color on Metal: Anodized Aluminum with Frankie Flood
2nd Session – Collection with Cappy Counard (1 space left)
3rd Session – For Keeps with Melanie Bilenker
3rd Session – Hollow Forms & Fabricated Vessels with Erica Bello
4th Session – Twenty-First Century Talismans with Lauren Kalman
4th Session – Raising the Bar! with Joost During
5th Session – Entangled with Phil Renato
6th Session – Waxing Lyrical with Sandra Wilson
6th Session – The Art of Containment with David Clemons
7th Session – Faceted Stonesetting: Theory & Applications with Kirk Lang (1 space left)
7th Session – Fusion: Methods of Granulation with Ben Dory


1st Session – Word & Image with Christopher Benfey and Neal Rantoul
2nd Session – Narrative Photography with Sally Van Gorder
5th Session – Photography in Three Centuries with Brian Taylor
6th Session – 1859 with Dan Estabrook (1 space left)
7th Session – The Daguerreotype: A Contemporary Approach with Jerry Spagnoli

Print & Letterpress

1st Session – Freedom of the Press with David Wolfe
1st Session – Symmetry-Fold Intaglio & Kite Making with Koichi Yamamoto
2nd Session – Text Without Type with Aaron Cohick
2nd Session – Print Assemblage: Wood & Screen with Jennaway Pearson
3rd Session – Woodcut & Letterpress Poster Workshop with Martin Mazorra
3rd Session – Identify Your Inner Stunt Pilot Through Screenprinting with Jay Ryan
4th Session – Impress, Empower, Engage with Bridget Elmer
5th Session – Adventures in Lithography with Thomas Lucas
6th Session – Handset Tradition & New Techniques with Sarah Shebaro


1st Session – Kalamkari with Lavanya Mani
1st Session – Weaving Origami & Other Dimensional Possibilities with Susie Taylor
2nd Session – Pattern & Motif: Warp Ikat with Natural Dyes with Wendy Weiss
3rd Session – Denim: Fabric of Resistance with Anna Toth
4th Session – Plant to Print with Christina Roberts (1 space left)
4th Session – Sculptural Fibers with Gabrielle Duggan (1 space left)
5th Session – Natural Dyes & Quilting: Expanding on Tradition with Kim Eichler-Messmer
5th Session – Mixed Media: Conversation with Nature with Kyoung Ae Cho (1 space left)
7th Session – Sculpting with Fiber Techniques in Wire with Lindsay Ketterer Gates
7th Session – Weaving Traditional Linens with Cassie Dickson


1st Session – Table Talk with Jason Schneider
2nd Session – Decked Out Furniture: Color, Mark & Form with Kimberly Winkle
5th Session – Skin-on-Frame Canoe Building with Gerald Weckesser