Studio Assistantships

Studio Assistantships

Penland studio assistantshipsStudio assistants are students who assist instructors and are responsible for maintaining the school’s standards for studio operation. They receive housing and meals and pay only the $50 nonrefundable processing fee. They are selected based on their knowledge of a working studio. In addition to 25–40 hours of work each week, studio assistants are required to work from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on the day before and the day after their session; they must make travel arrangements which will allow them to meet this requirement. If you cannot meet this requirement, please do not apply. Many instructors select their own assistants; available positions will be listed on this page and on Slideroom. Your application must include a letter explaining your experience in the field, your interest in the workshop, a résume, two letters of recommendation, and five images of your work.

Summer 2018 Studio Assistantships

The following summer 2018 workshops will be accepting studio assistant applications beginning January 1. Applications are due by 11:59 PM EST on February 17.

Books & Paper:
Handmade Artists’ Books with Frank Hamrick (session 4)
Paper: Material & Content with Anne Marie Kennedy (session 5)
The Artful Box with Mary Uthuppuru (session 6)
Quintessential Stencil 2.0 with Akemi Martin & Paul Wong (session 6)

See What You Did! with Simon Levin (session 1)
Figuring Out the Figure with Keith Wallace Smith (session 4)
Form & Fire with William Baker & Joy Tanner (session 6)
Pinch-Forming: A Mindful Approach with Paul Briggs (session 6)
Finding Pattern in Nature with Ben Carter (session 7)
Brushmaking: From Tool to Treasure with Troy Bungart (session 7)

Drawing & Painting:
Anatomy & Écorché with Jill Eberle (session 5)

Local Flora and Fauna with Wesley Fleming (session 3)

The Daguerreotype: A Contemporary Approach with Jerry Spagnoli (session 7)

Printmaking & Letterpress:
Aesthetics of the Contemporary Poster with Brad Vetter (session 7)

Embroidered Portraiture with Ruth Miller (session 2)
Weaving Ideas with María Dávila & Eduardo Portillo (session 3)
Color onto Cloth: Printing on Silk & Wool with Jane Keith (session 6)

Take a Seat with Malcolm Cheyne (session 6)

Mixed Media: Conversation with Nature with Kyoung Ae Cho (session 5)