Wood Workshops at Penland


Classes are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.



summer session 1

may 25 - june 6, 2014


Katie Hudnall, Bolt Reliquary,

found wood, plywood,hardware,

lens, string, paint, wax, 60 x 36 x 18 inches


Katie Hudnall
Working Intuitively in the Woodshop

This workshop will offer students an alternative approach to working with wood. Using traditional and sculptural joinery, students will “sketch” with materials, producing small-scale works that might be studies in line, prototypes for more fleshed out pieces, or finished pieces in and of themselves (which may be sculptural or functional). The focus will be on line quality, structural integrity, and overall composition as they relate to the idea, concept, or function of the pieces. All levels. Code 01W

Studio artist, assistant professor, Herron School of Art & Design (IN); other teaching: Murray State University (KY), Arrowmont (TN), Haystack (ME); residencies: Anderson Ranch, University of Wisconsin; exhibitions: University of Southern Indiana, Old Dominion University (VA), Corcoran Gallery of Art (DC).







summer session 2

june 8 - 20, 2014


Jon Brooks, Citron, maple, acrylic, stain, varnish

lacquer, 35 x 30 x 18 inches




Jon Brooks
Convergence: Forest Meets Muse

Naturally formed wood presents us with an array of shapes and forms that, with proper selection and joinery, allow the maker fantastic creative possibilities. This workshop will begin with a look at our relationship to the trees that surround us. Then students will create expressive functional and sculptural objects from naturally formed, low-impact-harvested wood and milled lumber, using traditional and inventive joinery. Tree identification, harvesting, appropriate tools, carving, and surface adornment will be covered. Students will be encouraged to explore playfully, thoughtfully, and creatively. All levels. Code 02W

Studio artist; teaching: Rochester Institute of Technology (NY), Haystack (ME), Anderson Ranch (CO); Living Treasure Award from New Hampshire State Council on the Arts; exhibitions: Currier Museum of Art (NH), Columbia Museum of Art (SC), Snyderman Gallery (Philadelphia), Sybaris Gallery (MI); collections: Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), Philadelphia Museum, Renwick Gallery (DC), Museum of Contemporary Art (Jacksonville, FL)





summer session 3

june 22 - july 4, 2014


Doug Sigler, Victoria’s Secrets,

pear, wenge, concrete, 16 x 16 x 60 inches



Terry Hunt, Chair

Terry Hunt & Doug Sigler
Chair or Bench: Just Sit On It!

This workshop will focus on chairs and benches. We’ll include many demonstrations and discussions—from wood selection to design and construction—often from two points of view, with each of us quite sure that our way is the best way. We’ll cover hand tools, machine techniques, upholstery, and finishes to assist you in bringing your seating project to completion. Bring enthusiasm, a love of woodworking, your sense of humor, and come along for the ride. All levels. Code 03W

Terry: studio artist designing and building fine furniture; teaching: Arrowmont (TN), Peters Valley (NJ), Penland; clients: Steinway and Sons, Hancock & Moore, Chase Manhattan, Coyote Café Red Sage Source International.

Doug: professor emeritus from Rochester Institute of Technology; workshop teaching: Peters Valley (NJ), Arrowmont (TN), Anderson Ranch (CO), Haystack (ME), Penland; work in many private collections and the collection of the Burchfield Center Museum (NY).












summer session 4

july 6 - 18, 2014


Stoney Lamar, Evergreen Garden Bloom,

ash, steel, milk paint, 40 x 14 x 10 inches



Brent Skidmore, Maria sure has a way with the boys,

oak, basswood, acrylic paint, glass, 58 x 28 x 22 inches

Stoney Lamar & Brent Skidmore
Form, Texture, & Surface Bonanza

We’ll explore techniques for sculptural form development, a vast array of texturing techniques, and the answers to your wood painting questions: Spray or brush? HVLP or LVHP? Milk paint or acrylic? Can I just dip it in goo? We’ll present tried-and-true techniques for painting and texturing and work on form development (i.e. make sculptures) using power carving techniques including bandsaw, chainsaw, die grinder, and other sculpting processes. Discover the joy of making fanciful forms with glitz, glamour, and maybe even glitter, with two guys who can’t wait to work together up on the hill. All levels. Code 04W

Stoney: studio artist; teaching: Arrowmont (TN), Penland; recent career retrospective exhibition at Asheville Art Museum (NC); lifetime acheivement award from Collectors of Wood Art; collections: Victoria & Albert Museum (London), American Craft Museum (NYC), Arkansas Art Center, High Museum of Art (GA), Minneapolis Institute of Art, Mint Museum (NC), Renwick Gallery (DC).


Brent: assistant professor at UNC Asheville; exhibitions: Function+ART (Chicago), Blue Spiral 1 (NC), author of a chapter in The Penland Book of Woodworking.










summer session 5

july 20 - august 5 , 2014


Daniel Michalik, Cortica Chaise Longue,

100% recycled cork, 74 x 20 x 26 inches



Daniel Michalik
The Thick Skin: Unlocking the Potential of Cork

This workshop will focus on experimental design using cork. We’ll unlock the potential of this wonderful, ecological material as we make furniture, household accessories, toys, and other objects. Cork will be used to achieve structure and visual texture in combination with wood (and other materials) and on its own. We’ll use basic woodworking tools and techniques as a starting point for creating hybrid materials and new object typologies, along with learning innovative techniques such as cork casting. Slide presentations will illuminate what this material is, where it comes from, and how it is traditionally used. All levels. Code 05W

Assistant professor at Parsons the New School for Design (NYC), founder of Daniel Michalik Furniture Design, creating furniture and objects from environmentally responsible materials; exhibitions: Milan Furniture Fair, Renwick Gallery (DC), VIA (Paris); clients: Mario Batali, L’Oreal, Swarovski; work published in the New York times, Dwel, Interor Design, and American Craft; recently traveled to Portugal at the invitation of the Portuguese Cork Council to research the agriculture and industry of cork for a series of articles and photo galleries published in the design journal Core 77.






summer session 6

august 10 - 22 , 2014


Barbara Cooper, Shear,

wood, glue, 70 x 30 x 12 inches

Barbara Cooper

Have you ever looked at a tree and wondered why it takes on the form it does? If a tree’s form is the sum of its experiences, what does the form tell us? What stresses did it overcome within its environment? We’ll explore how trees grow in response to their environment. We’ll examine connections between the growth patterns in trees and our own work and how that can become both form and content for sculpture or installations. Students will work with recycled/repurposed wood, veneers, and mixed media. Methods will be constructive and direct with a focus on improvisation, experimentation, and idea generation. All levels. Code 06W

Studio artist; teaching: School of the Art Institute of Chicago, William Rainey Harper College (IL), Anderson Ranch (CO); residencies: Vermont Studio Center, Kohler Arts/Industry (WI); exhibitions: Perimeter Gallery (Chicago), Bellevue Arts Museum (WA); collections: The Columbus Museum (GA), Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago).






summer session 7

august 24 - 30 , 2014


Randy L. Johnson, Mirror Mirror Mistake,

CNC-cut Baltic birch plywood, 24 inches diameter



Randy L. Johnson
Introduction to CNC

This workshop will offer woodworkers an in-depth introduction to programming and operating a three-axis, CNC (computer-controlled) router. Topics will include using CNC design software; set-up and calibration; programming tool paths; designing and machining two-dimensional shapes, V-carvings, two-dimensional textures, and two-sided carvings; converting hand drawing to CNC cutting designs; and basic three-dimensional design for the CNC. Students should bring a laptop with Windows XP or higher; Mac users can work through Parallels Desktop or Boot Camp. CNC design software will be provided for use during the class. All levels. Code 07W

Director of education outreach, ShopBot Tools, former editor-in-chief, American Woodworker; teaching: Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (ME).





fall Session 2

october 19 - 25, 2014


Russell F. Gale Jr., The Garboard Strake, black limba,

Japanese ash, sassafras, plywood, brass, 34 x 52 x 15 inches


Russell F. Gale, Jr.
Foundations of Furniture

There are so many things to think about when building a piece of furniture: design, material selection, joinery, edge and surface treatments, shop safety, etc. In this workshop we’ll work through these issues and more as we each build a small table. We’ll use machines and hand tools in a cooperative balance. The goal is for students to build a foundation of techniques that will give them more confidence and success as they approach future projects. All levels. Code F02W

Studio artist; teaching: Arrowmont (TN); exhibitions: Green Hill Center (NC), best in show award at “Regeneration: Woodworkers under 30” at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (ME); work published in Fine Woodworking, Woodwork, Woodworker West, and 500 Cabinets (Lark Books).





fall session 3

november 2 - 8 , 2014


Sarah Martin, Untitled Brooch,

mahogany, milkpaint, graphite,

blued tacks, lacquer, 5-1/2 x 5/8 inches

Sarah Martin
Carving Wooden Jewelry

Looking to expand your jewelry repertoire? This class will show you how to carve wood on a small scale appropriate for jewelers. We’ll cover how to safely carve with both knives and dremels and how to transform these carvings with surface embellishment, findings, and finishing techniques. The workshop will introduce you to a wide variety of artists already using this inexpensive material and will offer a new perspective on its expressive potential. All levels. Code F03W

Visiting assistant professor at University of the Arts (Philadelphia); exhibitions: Fuller Craft Museum (MA), Center for Art in Wood (Philadelphia), Tyler School of Art (Philadelphia); former Penland resident artist.



(Please note: students in this workshop will be working with wood and meeting in the metals studio.)






spring concentration

march 8 - may 1, 2015


Annie Evelyn, Pea Chair, black walnut, foam, fabric,

32 x 32 x 24 inches; stool: 24 x 24 x 16 inches


Annie Evelyn
Build It, Pad It, Upholster It

This workshop will cover the construction of upholstered furniture as each student builds an ottoman and a chair. Beginning with the ottoman, we’ll learn to build a simple frame and then web, spring (using coil springs), pad, and upholster. Each student will then design an upholstered chair, and I will help you dissect your design to build the perfect inner structure. Once that’s complete, you’ll spring, pad, and cover it. Students will learn frame construction, spring tying, material selection, webbing, foam cutting, basic sewing, stapling, tacking, etc. We’ll work with traditional and modern techniques and use the ones that best fit each design. All levels. Code S00W

Furniture maker and upholsterer; teaching: Rhode Island School of Design, Parsons the New School of Design (NYC), Anderson Ranch (CO), Penland; Windgate furniture residency at Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Penland resident artist beginning in September of 2014.