Textiles Workshops at Penland

Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.




summer session 7

august 24 - 30 , 2014


Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Bow Tie Whirl, hand-dyed

and pieced silk quilt, discharge dyed, natural dyes,

40 x 40 inches



Ana Lisa Hedstrom
Shibori: Kyokechi & Katano

This class will explore pattern dyeing by channeling dye through patterns cut into clamps (kyokechi) and by machine-stitching folded cloth before dyeing (katano). We’ll compare various dye applications with these techniques: a natural-fermentation indigo vat, natural dyes from extracts and plants, and synthetic dyes. We’ll add texture by resist-scouring organza. The workshop will include discussions of design, with an emphasis on piecing for clothing, quilts, and art textiles. Samples and books will be available for inspiration. All levels. Code 07TA

Studio artist; teaching: San Francisco State University, California College of the Arts; NEA fellowships, fellow of the American Craft Council; exhibitions: Fresno Art Museum (CA), de Young Museum (San Francisco); collections: Cooper Hewitt Museum (NY), Museum of Arts and Design (NY); commissions: American Embassy, Brunei.






Ismini Samanidou with Sharon Blakely,

Pairings (detail), ceramic spoon, woven cloth



Ismini Samanidou
Memory Place

This is a concept-led workshop presenting an opportunity to think freely and experiment with weaving as a medium for embodying ideas. Bring along an object that has meaning for you and holds memory. Through discussion and practical work, we’ll consider how this object can be part of the process of conceiving and making a woven piece. We’ll also explore the ephemeral alchemy of found materials and how photographic documentation of woven structures and the weaving process can expand the possibilities of their permanent physical presence. This is an open workshop where we can experiment on and off the loom with a variety of materials. All levels. Code 07TB

Studio artist; teaching: University College Falmouth and Central Saint Martins (UK); Josef and Anni Albers Foundation residency; exhibitions: Crafts Study Center (UK), Center for Craft Creativity and Design (NC), Shaw Gallery (UT); collections: Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Crafts Council (UK).





fall concentration

september 21 - november 14, 2014


Donna Brown, Gears, hand-dyed,

immersion and resist dyed, discharge,

screenprint,natural dye extracts, silk,

34 x 21 inches

Donna Brown
Natural Dyes: Explore the Possibilities

This workshop will explore the natural-dye process in depth, using plants, extracts, and earth pigments. Students will experience the many ways natural dyes can be used for textile art and develop a personal, natural-dye color palette to create cloth for wearable art, quilts, or wall pieces. Techniques will include immersion dyeing, mordant application for color effects, printing, shibori, resist dyeing, stenciling, discharge, block printing, monoprinting, basic and improvisational screenprinting, and personal imagery. All levels. Code F00TA

Studio artist; production natural dyer for Treenway Silks (CO), natural dye sales representative and instructor for Table Rock Llamas Fiber Arts Studio (CO); teaching: Denver Art Museum, Campbell Folk School (NC), Earth Palette Conference (NM), Surface Design Association, Color Congress, Mayan Hands (Guatemala).








fall session 3

november 2 - 8, 2014


Beth Ross Johnson, Element: Earth (detail), cotton, earth pigments,

stretched canvas, 12 x 12 inches





Beth Ross Johnson
Weaving: The First Layer

Woven cloth is made from layers of elements—warp, weft, color, woven structure, and overall design—that require design considerations at different levels of scale. By learning to warp with multiple threads, to beam on without tangles, and other tricks of the trade, we can use the process of winding a warp as a way to establish a foundation for fabrics that will go where we want them to go. Students will get to warp a loom at least twice. This class is for beginners as well as experienced weavers who dread the warping process and would like to get over that. All levels. Code F03TB

Studio artist; teaching: Campbell Folk School (NC), Nantahala School for the Arts (NC), Haywood Community College (NC), Great Tree Zen Temple (NC); exhibitions: Castell dell’Ovo (Italy), Piedmont Crafts, Inc. (NC), SAY Sí Gallery (TX).




spring session 3

april 19 - 25, 2015


Lisa Sorrell, Bramble and the Rose, leather

Lisa Sorrell
Working with Leather

Students in this workshop will learn to identify different types of leather, cut and skive leather, and create projects using leather inlay and overlay. We’ll start with all students creating the same projects as they learn techniques. As the week progresses, students will be encouraged to use what they’ve learned to create something original. All levels. Code S03TA

Bespoke cowboy boot maker; gold medal at International Shoemaker’s Days (Germany), gold medal from The Netherlands Shoemaking Association, first place for cowboy boots at Sheridan Leather Show (WY), best artist in leather at Western Design Conference (WY), bronze award at Smithsonian Craft Show (DC); featured artist in the PBS series, “Craft in America.”