Help Penland help people live creative lives. Your support matters because...

Penland changes lives.

All who study and create at Penland are encouraged to take risks, stretch boundaries, and grow to a new level of personal and artistic understanding.

Creativity counts.

Creative expression, imagination, and the development of artistic skills are essential for personal growth. Penland teaches many skills that together support imagination, critical thinking, problem solving, empowerment, responsibility, and mutual respect.

Creative lives enrich us all.

The Penland experience, a retreat that becomes a fresh entry into the world of expression, nurtures each participant, allowing them to connect deeply with their craft, replenish themselves and others and renew their potential to live creative lives in studios and communities across the country and around the world.

Penland's fees for tuition, room, and board cover less than half the annual expense for classes, outreach programs, and services to artists. Your contribution directly benefits the artists who study and work here. Help us sustain Penland's exceptional programs and the school's leadership in the field of craft education.

There are many ways to support Penland

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