Amy Putansu

2017 Penland Benefit Auction Centerpiece Artist


From the first weaving workshop I taught in 2005, Penland has made me feel genuinely valued as a teacher and a maker. It is a delight to be a part of the greater Penland community and an honor to be among the ranks of those talented individuals from the long and rich history that was initiated by Miss Lucy Morgan. Five classes and nearly ten years later, the feeling of rounding the corner onto the Penland campus has not diminished. The expansiveness is palpable, both in the beauty of the landscape and the potential for creativity and innovation.

The summer of 2005 was my first experience of western North Carolina, and, within three years, I would find myself leaving my native New England coastal home to relocate in these mountains. My experience at Penland had set the stage for the next chapter of my life. In fact, I was so sure about a move to North Carolina that in 2007 I applied for the residency program at Penland and simultaneously applied for a full-time faculty position at Haywood Community College. One way or another, I was set on coming here. The acceptance from Penland arrived first and I had to make a tough decision. Ultimately I chose the faculty position, though I have often wondered how my artistic and professional development would be different had I become a Penland resident artist. In a way, Iíve gotten some of the best of both worlds by being in the area and continuing to develop a rich relationship with the place that brought me here.