Special Workshops at Penland

Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.



SUMMER session 2

JUNE 7 - 19, 2015


Gilbert Riedelbauch, Wave 1, aluminum composite, delrin,

3 x 35-7/8 x 13-3/4 inches


Gilbert Riedelbauch
3D Design: From Flat to Form

We値l explore paper and card as materials for creative expression with a focus on using them to construct three-dimensional objects. A series of projects will introduce students to techniques for working with these materials, including cutting, gluing, and linear folding, which will progress from basic to complex patterns and tessellations. These projects will develop accuracy and constructive imagination. Students will then make their own designs, which may range from small and delicate objects to pop-ups and larger sculptural forms. Through discussions and friendly appraisal sessions, we値l advance our observational skills and concept development.All levels. Code 2MB


Head of foundation studies and coordinator of the design arts degree at Australian National University; exhibitions: Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), International Craft Competition (South Korea); collections: National Gallery of Australia, Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), Canberra Gallery and Museum.



All workshops in Session 2 will be taught by artists

from Australian National University.





Denise Ferris, Untitled from Beermat series,

cyanotype on coaster, 3-1/2 x 31/2 inches


Matt Higgins, Untitled 42 from Upside-Down series,

unique gelatin silver chemigram, 14 x 11 inches










Denise Ferris & Matt Higgins
Physical Photography

Turn the darkroom upside down and unleash your imagination. This workshop will concentrate on chemigrams, photograms, and other cameraless processes that use photographic paper and chemistry in unconventional ways. We値l work in the dark, we値l work in the sun, we値l paint with developer, we値l use resists directly on the surface of the paper and explore their influence on an image. No photography experience is needed (it could be an advantage or a disadvantage). No fixed ideas! Anything can happen!All levels. Code 02P

Denise: head of the school of art at Australian National University; distinguished teaching award from the Australian Council of Art and Design Schools. Matt: instructor at Australian National University; exhibitions: Pingyao International Photography Festival (China); work published in The Experimental Photographic Workbook by Christina Z. Anderson.














SUMMER session 3

JUNE 21 - July 3 2015


B饌trice Coron, Fashion Statement, cut Tyvek,

40 x 20 x 20 inches


B饌trice Coron
Contemporary Papercutting

During this intensive workshop of serious fun, students will discover the incredible variety of contemporary papercutting and the many possible applications of this art form, from fine art to public art commissions. We値l conceive and produce works as different as unique illustrations, stenciled editions, pop-ups, dimensional work, wearable sculptures, and stop-motion animation. Cutting different materials and experimenting with scale, we値l keep an open mind and explore new territories.All levels. Code 03L


Studio artist; exhibitions: Center for Book Arts (NYC), American Visionary Art Museum (Baltimore), Cit de l但rchitecture (Paris); TED talk; commissions: MTA Arts for Transit (NYC), Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (NC); collections: Metropolitan Museum (NYC), Getty Museum (Los Angeles), Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Museum of Modern Art (NYC), National Gallery (DC).












SUMMER session 4

July 5 - 17, 2015



Jana Harper, Artist Book Projects, dimensions and materials variable

42 x 42 inches


Jana Harper
The What & the Why: Books as Idea Generators

This workshop will use the universal metaphors of the book to explore themes across media, craft, and contemporary art. The form of the book will help us generate ideas that could later be translated into different media. We値l spend the first week completing several short assignments, looking at tons of images, and using brainstorming methods to develop our ideas. We値l work with simple book forms: pamphlet, drum leaf, accordion. Then each student will take one of their ideas and follow it through multiple iterations to see how it might bloom. This non-technical workshop is for artists of all disciplines. Students will come away with years of ideas and about ten 妬dea books. All levels. Code 04B


Studio artist, teacher at Vanderbilt University (Nashville); residencies: The Bothy Project (Scotland), Pyramid Atlantic (MD), Cit Internationale des Arts (Paris); collections: Library of Congress (DC), Janet Turner Print Collection at California State University.





SUMMER session 5

July 19 - August 4, 2015


Christina Shmigel, Great World Construction Hat,

Shanghai, 2011, bamboo birdcage bars,

sinamay, pinwheel toys, plastic string


Christina Shmigel
Tapping into Audacity

This workshop is designed to deepen and (re-)invigorate your studio practice. Through a sequence of experiences guaranteed to open up your understanding of yourself as an artist, we値l explore where your work comes from and what characterizes it as uniquely yours. Working in media of your own choosing but outside of your comfort zone, you値l playfully investigate what gives you pleasure and meaning in your work and how these insights can lead you intuitively to a more audacious practice. This workshop is for people who are actively engaged in some form of art making, but it is open toall levels. Code 05TB



Studio artist working in sculptural installation; former professor of sculpture at Webster University (St. Louis); residencies: Penland resident artist, ID TOWN International Artists Workshop (China), Duolun Museum (Shanghai), solo exhibitions: St.Louis Art Museum, Laumeier Sculpture Park (St. Louis), Duolun Museum of Art (Shanghai), OV Gallery (Shanghai).









Arturo Crdova



Cristina Crdova, Autorretrato como hombre

en la noche, ceramic, resin, steel, 60 inches tall

Arturo G. Crdova & Cristina Crdova
Sculpture in Motion

In this workshop each student will create an articulated ceramic sculpture and use it to develop a stop-motion animation sequence. Techniques will include general anatomy and ceramic construction as well as ways to combine ceramic elements with simple posable armatures. We値l cover basic lighting and stop-motion animation systems focusing on the fundamentals of movement as we create short videos using Dragonframe software. All levels. Code 05CB


Arturo: artist and stop-motion animator; professional experience: 9ZEROS Animation School production company (Barcelona), 10.30 animation collective (Mexico), Charged Studios (NYC). Cristina: studio artist; teaching: Haystack (ME), Santa Fe Clay, Anderson Ranch (CO); collections: Renwick Gallery (DC), Fuller Craft Museum (MA), Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico, Museum of Art of Puerto Rico.






SUMMER session 6

August 9 - 21, 2015



Joel Eckhaus Sputnik Tenor Ukulele,

ash, curly maple, ebony, pearloid,

28 x 9 x 2 inches


Joel Eckhaus
Free-Form Ukulele Construction

The ukulele arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1879 from the Portuguese island of Madeira and spread like an invasive species throughout the islands and, eventually, the world. Builders immediately took an 殿nything goes attitude: pineapple, coconut, cigar box, tricorner, round, and teardrop ukuleles appeared, decorated with cartoons, bright colors, and decals of all kinds. This workshop will present traditional lutherie techniques and designs as well as a more free-form approach that will encourage novel designs. Each student will design and build a ukulele while learning hand and machine woodworking and lutherie skills. Some woodworking experience will be helpful, but the workshop is open to All levels. Code 06W



Luthier, musician, ukulele instructor, proprietor of Earnest Uncommon Instruments; clients: Eddie Vedder, Will Patton, Neko Case, Elliott Sharpe; teaching: Maine College of Art; exhibitions: Museum of Making Music (CA), San Francisco Folk Art Museum.