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“Passage is a body of work that explores the transformations we all make– from birth, through life, death and beyond. My work examines this ongoing metamorphosis of the physical as well as spiritual. Ruth Bernard said that if you are not willing to see more than is visible, you won’t see anything.

The oval I use is a direct connection to the portraits of the 1800s. Old photographs, seen as antiquated, weren’t taken that long ago. As we rush to be new, we can’t avoid that we will all soon be part of the past. I use 5″ x 7″ cameras for all my work. I like the imperfections of old lenses. One I use is 100 years old.

We have all felt the sorrow of loss or the anticipation of it. For many years my practice of picture making was an attempt to find solace in my fear of death and its inevitability. I have been looking for answers to questions of faith and acceptance of this great master plan, illuminating something inside of me that I can feel but can’t see.

The symbols, metaphorical moths and cocoons, depict the passage we make, as we grow older. Spiritual symbols signify our need for answers to life’s biggest questions. Within the humid atmosphere of these landscapes, nature personifies our own seasons of life. My images are intended to work together like lines in a poem, each photograph providing a richer meaning to the next. For we are all part of this great journey, whirling through time.”
– Linda Foard Roberts

Artist Info

Linda Foard Roberts – Weddington, NC
Linda’s work is in the collections of The North Carolina Museum, The New Orleans Museum of Art, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, The Norton Museum, The San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts, The Mint Museum of Art, Bank of America, the Harry Ransom Center, the Bechtler Collection, The Ritz-Carlton, Duke Energy, Fidelity Investments, Gregg Museum of Art and Design, Haarmann & Reimer, Germany, King & Spalding, and many private collections.
She received a Master in Fine Arts from Arizona State University, and a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Virginia Intermont College. She lives and works in Weddington, North Carolina with her husband and two of their children, Nicole and George.