Embracing Within


Embracing Within
Sculptural book, encaustic beeswax
9.5 x 12 x 12 in.
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“I am an encaustic artist, and I am also a bookbinder. For years encaustic and bookbinding were separate entities in my life, the art and the craft, the experimental and the meditative, and I craved a convergence. My encaustic journals are designed to honor books as an art form.

These sculptural books originated with my morning tea, the caffeine awakening my senses and creativity. Jotting on journal pages, I examined facets of my humanity and designed books that visually embodied my discoveries.

The dried papers from my tea were embedded between layers of aromatic golden beeswax on the book covers. The moving meditation of tearing pages and folding signatures gave me time and space to elaborate upon ideas as the book sculptures emerged. The complex, challenging bindings pushed my personal boundaries.

Historical Coptic binding is paired with a Weave stitch along the spines, sewn with Irish waxed linen thread. Individual books are bound together in Dos-a-Dos or Gatefold structures, and some are bound completely closed or wrapped with a hand-twined enclosure.

The book sculptures are personified by their structures, through the interaction of covers and pages. Each book metaphorically conveys an aspect of my (our) humanity.”
-Erin Keane

Artist Info

Erin Keane – Asheville, NC
Erin Keane studied art at Miami University, Ohio, and graduated with an MA in Art Education. She moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina, and taught at Brevard Middle School earning National Board Certification in Visual Arts. In 2011, she moved into a new career stage of full time exhibiting artist and instructor. Erin is an artist in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC, and is represented by 310 ART and Southern Highland Craft Guild. She teaches encaustic and bookbinding workshops regionally at 310 ART, Penland School of Crafts, and John C Campbell Folk School, and nationally at Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch’s EncaustiCamp and OPENstudio.