Morphia Earrings


Morphia Earrings
Ruby, morganite, possum vertebrae, fine silver, sterling silver
3.25 x .75 x .25 in.
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“Through adornment I strive to highlight the incredibly high value of nature. Jewelry has provided me with a platform to interpret a survey of plant and animal life mixed with gems and minerals in a way that creates a direct and intimate connection with its viewers and wearers. As an artist my intention is to create soulful pieces that present nature in an unfamiliar context that will perhaps trigger people to make
more conscious efforts to protect the environment. There is intense beauty all around us, I hope we, as a culture, can learn to see it and form a mutualistic relationship within it and as well as between ourselves.” – Anna Johnson

Artist Info

Anna Johnson – Asheville, NC
Anna Johnson is a studio jeweler based in Asheville, North Carolina. Johnson’s work is exhibited nationally and has received recognition by organizations and publications such as by American Craft Week, “Rising Stars: 30 Exceptional Craftspeople Under the Age of 30” (2016) and by American Craft magazine as one of 15 exceptional artists using unusual materials (2015).