EDC Wall Shelf


EDC Wall Shelf
Formed and fabricated steel
13 x 4.25 x 1.75 in.
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Andrew Hayes is best known as a sculptural book and metal artist, but he has some serious functional design skills – seen here in his EDC wall shelf. Hang this near your entry door and you will always know where your car keys are. Impeccably fabricated and finished steel. This is truly a well-designed object.

Artist Info

Andrew Hayes – Penland, NC

Andrew Hayes grew up in Tucson, Arizona and studied sculpture at Northern Arizona University. The desert landscape inspired much of his early sculptural work and allowed him to cultivate his style in fabricated steel. After leaving school, Andrew worked in the industrial welding trade. While living in Portland, Oregon, bouncing between welding jobs and creating his own work he was invited to the EMMA collaboration. This one-week experience was liberating for Andrew and he was encouraged by his fellow collaborators to apply to the Core Fellowship at Penland School of Crafts. During his time as a Core Fellow, Andrew was able to explore a variety of materials and technique. Surprisingly, the book became a big part of this exploration and the challenge of marrying the rigid qualities of metal with the delicacy of the book page. Andrew’s first love is metal and continues to return to metal and fabrication with a designer’s eye.