Rachel Meginnes

Trained as a weaver, Rachel Meginnes’ interest in woven structure and pattern began in high school and continued on through many years of study and traditional apprenticeships. During graduate school, she moved away from producing utilitarian textiles and began exploring innovative methods of manipulating fiber including her own woven structures. Most recently, Rachel has stepped away from her loom altogether and has been creating non-traditional works on cloth using drawn thread and pulled thread embroidery.


Rooted in Rachel’s relentless love for fabric and all things sewn, embroidered and woven, her current work pays homage to patience and is an exploration into chaos and control. Her fiber pieces begin with the disciplined act of drawing individual threads out of the cloth thus altering the inherent structure of the fabric. Rachel’s process continues by sanding gesso into the slowly deteriorating surface, forming the tattered texture of the piece. Working the cloth from front to back, she then lays down ink and paint in glaze-like layers letting each coat flow or resist the successive layer of unraveling structure and pattern. The final pieces become artifacts of persistence and patience and for Rachel are meditations on the basis of daily life.


While at Penland School of Crafts from May 2012 through 2015, Rachel will begin her residency by completing a piece chosen for show at the Bellevue Arts Museum this Fall in Washington State. It is her broader goal, during these three years, to find gallery representation and explore public outlets for her work. In 2013 and 2014 she hopes to teach and offer classes which highlight artistic process and contemporary approaches to fiber art.


Click on the pictures below to view larger images. 

Ghost II, gesso and ink on sanded cloth with pulled

thread, 44 x 44 in.

Logcabin (on Stripe), gesso, ink, acrylic, and pencil on

sanded cloth with pulled thread, 24.75 x 33 in.

Sankaku (on Aqua Gingham), gesso, ink, and varnish

on sanded cloth with pulled thread, 28 x 33 in.

Untitled (Triangles I), gesso, ink, and pencil on sanded

cloth, 30 x 32 in.

Untitled (Triangles II), gesso, ink, and pencil on sanded

cloth, 40 x 18 in.

Untitled (Triangles IV), gesso, ink and pencil on

sanded cloth, 34.5 x 30 in.



















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