Penland Kids Camp


Kids Camp 2013


June 10 - July 26

Summer art camps offer creative and engaging one-week workshops for children ages 3 to 18, taught by local artists in the Ridgeway Building across from the Penland Gallery. Half-day ($100) and full-day ($200) camps include materials and snacks. Some scholarships are available.


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with Sherry Lovett

June 10–14, 9:00 AM–Noon

Ages 8 to 12


Riddles to figure out, movement games, stories to solve, songs to sing, journeys into the imagination are all a part of getting your creative game-on. In this class you’ll have fun doing all kinds of playful activities and using that energy to create your own book of games that you can use to play with your friends. We’ll play card games and then create our own: we’ll play Statue and create living sculptures; we’ll play The Door and tap into our intuition… Each class will fly by as we are so busy playing – gaming, singing, dancing, creating.


Sherry is a teacher and a professional storyteller who has taught many art and storytelling camps in a variety of programs including Kids Camp.


The Basics of Screenprinting

with Ani Volkan

June 10–14, 1:30–4:30 PM

Ages 12 to 18

Ever wanted to make your own t-shirt? Have a design for a tote or a poster? Then come join us for the basics of screenprinting. Whatever image or design, with screenprinting it can be printed on fabric or paper. You will learn how to create an image on your screen and how to print with that screen on the material of your choice. Get creative and even wear your art home! Additional materials fee: $15

Ani Volkan began her teaching career in graduate school. She is experienced in foundation art courses such as Color Theory and Drawing I and more specialized art courses like Intro to Printmaking. She is currently teaching with Roots + Wings as an instructor for their Asheville Community Design Lab after school program. There she works with elementary school children, teaching the fundamentals of art and creative exploration. She works with children to challenge them artistically, boost their self-confidence, and strengthen their overall educational skills.


*All Mixed Up! For Mommy* and Me* This class is full.

with Kerstin Davis
June 17–21, 9:00 AM–Noon
Ages 3 to 6

Mix it up all week in this mixed media painting camp for mommy* and me! Let's paint HUMONGOUSLY BIG in our exploration of colorful watercolor dye with wax resist, ink, tempera, and acrylic while experimenting with texture, masking and simple printmaking techniques. We'll be movin' and grovin' to the music incorporating expressive line drawing into our paintings with graphite, water soluble crayons and pastels. We'll then cut up and paste some of our experimental paintings in the creation of something completely different. Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun...Dress for a mess!

*Children must sign up with an adult, but that person doesn’t have to be mommy.


Kerstin Davis is a mother of three and studio artist working in encaustic and clay. She is the art teacher at Madison Middle School and has taught many Penland Kids Camps.

The Whole Ball of Wax

with Kerstin Davis
June 17–21, 1:30–4:30 PM
Ages 8 to 12

In this camp we will experiment with arts and crafts that utilize bees wax. We'll craft beautiful creations by waxing over traditional drawing mediums, molding with soft wax, and hand-making candles. We’ll continue the fun playing around with various wax painting techniques like painting with wax resists and encaustics. Additional materials fee: $10

Kerstin Davis is a mother of three and studio artist working in encaustic and clay. She is the art teacher at Madison Middle School and has taught many Penland Kids Camps.


*Dancin' with Clay…HOO-RAY!* This class is full.

with Lisa Gluckin
June 24–28, 9:00 AM–Noon
Ages 3 to 6

Pinch, coil, and roll! Playin’ with clay…that’s what we will do! We will sculpt freely and whimsically, incorporating recycled objects, rhythm and our imagination as we explore all the possibilities clay has to offer. Fearlessness, self-expression and dancing will be encouraged!

Lisa is a ceramic studio artist and teaching artist. She has taught Penland Kids Camp and worked with the Toe River Arts Council in their Artist-In-Residence and After-School Programs. Lisa has strong creative energy with a passion for teaching, sharing and playing.

Top Secret!

with Emily Wheat
June 24–28 1:30–4:30 PM
Ages 7 to 11

Do you ever imagine yourself as a character in your favorite mystery? This camp will allow you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild as we invent and solve our own top secret case. This week will be full of fun and adventure as you create your own character, learn to dress the part and go on missions to discover the secrets behind the mystery. Together we will use our detective skills to find the truth!


Always solving mysteries, Emily picked up the name Detective Wheat. Now a novice costume maker, Emily believes that there is nothing more fun than getting dressed up in character and continuing the tradition of figuring out “who dunnit”. Emily has worked with kids at William King Regional Art Museum and assisted with Penland's Teaching Artist in the Schools program in Mitchell County Schools.


*Let's Use Your Sensational Senses!* This class is full.

with Cassie Floan
July 1–5, 9:00 AM–Noon
Ages 3 to 6

Join our exploration in a world of light, scent, and sound through a mess of hands-on projects! We will see vibrant colors in sun catchers, paintings, and stamping. And we’ll feel the world around us through textured collages, spaghetti drawings, and painting with our noses! All the while, we’ll listen to the sweet sounds of stories and music, enjoying the smells of summer and taste-testing some of the supplies. Come ready to make some sense-ational art! Maximum enrollment is 10 children.


Cassie enjoys creating daily with her two children. Although new to Penland's Kids Camp, she is a certified k-12 art teacher in NC and looks for any opportunity to share her love of art with others.


Hanji Nightlights for Kids!

with Lauren Bacchus
July 1–3, 1:30–4:30 PM, July 4, 9 AM - 4:30 PM (bring a sack lunch for this full-day class on Thursday)
Ages 8 to 10

Learn how to make paper just like the ancient Koreans! Hanji is a versatile paper made from the inner bark of the paper mulberry tree. We will smash, smoosh, and squash paper mulberry fibers that we will then transform into beautiful paper. From this handmade paper, each student will create a unique shade to cover his or her own nightlight. Throughout this artful adventure we will eat Korean snacks, play traditional Korean games, and learn fun facts about papermaking! If you'd like, parents and students are encouraged to press flowers and other organic matter a couple of months in advance to embed in the nightlight shades. All other materials, including nightlight, are provided. Maximum enrollment is 10 children.


Lauren is a certified North Carolina Effective Teacher in Buncombe County and has years of experience babysitting/nannying.


Jelly Jam Time!

with Risa Lenore Anderson Dye
July 8–12, 9:00 AM–Noon
Ages 3 to 7

Let's take a new look at classic stories, popular tales and treasures from children's literature. We will act them out, dance them out, sing them out, and explore them in depth with our bodies and minds. Then we will use our imagination to create our own stories as we dance them into being. Jelly Jam uses creative choreography and physical theater to tell stories of all kinds. We will create some simple props and costumes to assist us in our adventures.

Professionally trained performer and experienced teacher, Risa Dye is the enthusiastic instructor of Jelly Jam. She has created original dance pieces, performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and worked as a costume designer.


*Scrolling Storytelling: Crankies for Kids!* This class has been cancelled.

with Anna Roberts-Gevalt
July 8–12, 1:30–4:30 PM
Ages 9 to 12

What is a crankie? An old fashioned scrolling illustration, cranked inside a frame as a story or song is being performed. This week we will spend time learning and telling stories, and we'll make our own crankie as a group—through collage, drawing & painting, and stamp making! We will explore shadow puppetry and puppet making to enhance the magic of our crankie, and then we'll end the week creating crankies in matchboxes to take home. Additional materials fee: $5

Follow this link to see a video of one of Anna’s crankies.

Anna is a nationally touring artist and traditional fiddle and banjo player. She presents music to students in Virginia, where she lives, and has taught at traditional music camps in Washington, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina.


*Junior Fairy Camp* This class is full.

with Christine Henry
July 15–19, 9:00 AM–Noon
Ages 3 to 6

Create fairy dolls, homes, costumes and crafts while exploring nature and a fantastical world of the imagination.

Christine has taught many Kids Camp classes and for TRAC’s Enhanced Arts in the Preschools program. She currently teaches at Spruce Pine Montessori School and is a glass artist.


Paper Mache Creations

with With Christine Henry
July 15–19, 1:30–4:30 PM
Ages 7 to 10

Get ooey and gooey as you make your own creature, world, or invention from paper mache. First we will construct the basic shape of our creation using balloons, cardboard and recycling. Then we will slosh the mooshey paper mache over our forms, and when everything is good and dry we will paint and adorn our creations. Your imagination and play clothes are all you will need for fun exploration with paper mache!

Christine has taught many Kids Camp classes and for TRAC’s Enhanced Arts in the Preschools program. She currently teaches at Spruce Pine Montessori School and is a glass artist.


Are You a Shape Shifter of Stuff? Find Your Repurpose in Life!

with True Kelly
July 22–26, 9:00 AM–Noon
Ages 8 and up

Go on a treasure hunt in your cupboards and attics and come to class with your favorite forgotten toys to renew and reclaim back to life. We will cut, glue, shred, emboss, embed, scrape, mold, scratch, and paint "junk" into new creations. I will bring shells, nails, buttons, fabric, and bottle caps galore to embellish pieces and scraps, and with a little creativity we will make dolls, puppets, masks, costumes, puzzles, boxes, and any number of folky and curious things. I will provide pieces from my folk art collections to model various restoration techniques. All you need to bring is your thinking cap to become a master of your own imagination.

True is a certified art instructor in North Carolina, a member of the Penland School Subs with SuitCASEs program, and since the mid-80s, an artist-in-residence through the Mountain Arts Program. Her expansive collection of folk art is part of her ongoing inspiration as an artist and photographer.


Book it! Adventures in Bookmaking

with Cyndi Ollis
July 22–26, 1:30–4:30 PM
Ages 10 to 16

Let your imagination run wild as we engage in creative techniques to construct a book for gathering and holding collectibles and a journal to hold our most whimsical thoughts and aspirations.

Cyndi is a Language Arts teacher presently teaching 8th grade in the Mitchell County School System. She has taught K-8 for 20 years in Mitchell County.



How to apply and other Important Kids Camp Information


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Half-day camps are $100; full-day camps are $200. Camp tuition includes materials and snacks (several camps have additional materials fees, which are listed at the end of the description). Payment is due with registration. Some scholarships are available - see Application for details.


All camps will be held in Ridgeway Hall, across the road from the Penland Gallery.

Other Important Stuff

If low enrollment forces a cancellation, we will notify you three weeks ahead of time and you will receive a full refund.


A liability/health/pick-up authorization form must be signed and returned by the first day of camp. If registering for more than one camp, only one form is needed per student.

If your child has physical limitations the teacher needs to be aware of (including allergies), you must indicate this on the liability/health/pick-up form and speak to the instructor on the first day of class.


Penland School of Crafts receives support from the North Carolina Arts Council, an agency funded by the State of North Carolina and the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art.