Photography Workshops at Penland

Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.



SUMMER session 1

May 24 - JUNE 5, 2015


Jo Whaley, Sphere of Influence, chromogenic photograph,

24 x 30 inches

Jo Whaley
The Theater of Photography

Students will learn techniques needed to conceptualize and create their own visual fictions. We値l construct and light sets in a studio environment, and we値l create images using found locations and controlling natural light. We値l also cover techniques such as compositing and manipulating. While photographing in various genres, from still life to allegorical portraits and figurative tableaux, the image will be a vehicle for content and expression. Students may work in color or black-and-white in any format, but they should have a basic understanding of their camera and their chosen print process (and image software if working digitally); the darkroom will be available to students familiar with traditional processes. Code 01P

Studio artist; teaching: Santa Fe University of Art and Design, California College of the Arts; NEA fellowship; collections: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Los Angeles County Museum, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, George Eastman House.




SUMMER session 2

JUNE 7 - 19, 2015


Denise Ferris, Untitled from Beermat series,

cyanotype on coaster, 3-1/2 x 31/2 inches


Matt Higgins, Untitled 42 from Upside-Down series,

unique gelatin silver chemigram, 14 x 11 inches


Denise Ferris & Matt Higgins
Physical Photography

Turn the darkroom upside down and unleash your imagination. This workshop will concentrate on chemigrams, photograms, and other cameraless processes that use photographic paper and chemistry in unconventional ways. We値l work in the dark, we値l work in the sun, we値l paint with developer, we値l use resists directly on the surface of the paper and explore their influence on an image. No photography experience is needed (it could be an advantage or a disadvantage). No fixed ideas! Anything can happen!All levels. Code 02P

Denise: head of the school of art at Australian National University; distinguished teaching award from the Australian Council of Art and Design Schools. Matt: instructor at Australian National University; exhibitions: Pingyao International Photography Festival (China); work published in The Experimental Photographic Workbook by Christina Z. Anderson.

All workshops in Session 2 will be taught by artists

from Australian National University.















SUMMER session 3

JUNE 21 - July 3 2015



Christina Z. Anderson, When It All Started,

casein bichromate, 8 x 8 inches

Christina Z. Anderson
Amazing Alternative Processes

This workshop will focus on the contemporary use of four 19th century processes揚um, casein, cyanotype, and platinum-傭y themselves and in combination: gum and casein over cyanotype, cyanotype over platinum, and gum and casein over platinum. We値l cover an easy method for creating digital negatives. Rudimentary knowledge of Photoshop or other photo editing software will be helpful as well as bringing a laptop with lots of digital color images (cell phone images are encouraged). All levels. Code 03P

Associate professor at Montana State University; work in more than 90 exhibitions and 30 publications; author of The Experimental Photography Workbook and Gum Printing and Other Amazing Contact Printing Processes, which are sold in 38 countries.








SUMMER session 4

July 5 - 17, 2015



Fritz Hoffmann, Angkor Wat, digital photograph

Fritz Hoffmann
Crafting the Visual Narrative

Students will create visual narratives with still photography and craft them in printed form. With reference to the traditional picture story, narratives will be developed as a film director, writer, or poet might. Students will strengthen their stories by understanding the role of the individual image within them, sharpening their observer痴 eye, and refining their point of view. Each narrative will be printed for display at the end of the workshop. We値l work digitally; students should have a basic understanding of their cameras and image editing software. Code 04P

Photographer known for innovative visual narratives; contract photographer for National Geographic since 2004; other clients include Fortune and Newsweek; exhibitions: National Geographic Museum (DC), Ruhr Museum (Germany), Epson Gallery Shanghai (China).






SUMMER session 5

July 19 - August 4, 2015



Jeff Goodman, Self-Portrait, Atlantic Ocean Ghost,

archival inkjet print, 11 x 14 inches

Jeff Goodman
Documentary & the Creative Process

Using stills, audio, and video預s well as other moving-image techniques such as animation, cinemagraphs, and flipbooks謡e値l create documentary media that capture and propel our own and others creative processes. In addition to building audio slideshow and video storytelling production skills, we値l go out into the studios, kitchens, and hidden places at Penland to explore how playful documentary approaches can promote our connection to the physical world and the people around us. Our work will include prints, storyboards, and other tactile imagery along with short-form documentary films that will live online. All levels, beginners welcome. Code 05P

Award-winning instructor in the media studies program at Appalachian State University (NC); extensive experience leading workshops in photography, documentary video, and the relationship between art, science, and the creative process.







SUMMER session 6

August 9 - 21, 2015


Eric Swanson, Paula Rowland, Artist, digital photograph

Eric Swanson
Natural Light Portraiture

This workshop will be about creating portraits with natural/available light. Through a series of practical assignments, students will learn about posing, composing, finding the light, and working with subjects to establish a connection that will be evident in the photograph. We値l use a digital workflow with an emphasis on image making. This workshop is not about camera controls or software, but it is open to all levels. Code 06P

Freelance photographer and instructor at Santa Fe University of Art and Design; clients: Fortune, Forbes, Travel and Leisure, Time, Artspace, CBS Records, Sony Music, Warner Brothers Music.








SUMMER session 7

August 23 - 29, 2015


Kahn and Selesnick, High Water Mark,

archival inkjet print, 32 x 32 inches

Nicholas Kahn
Narrative Staged Photography

Creating a narrative still photograph is a hybrid art form that combines practices from photography, cinema, and theater, including directing, acting, costume design, prop and set fabrication, location scouting, storyboarding, and narrative plotting, as well as a keen sense of the absurd. We値l approach the various challenges afforded by staged, still photography and consider how a narrative can be created through serial images, linked images, and various image formats such as panoramas. Students should have a basic understanding of their cameras and image editing software. Code 07P

Studio artist, half of the collaborative team of Kahn & Selesnick; work in more than 100 solo shows, authors of 4 monographs; collections: Brooklyn Museum (NYC), Los Angeles County Museum, Philadelphia Museum, National Portrait Gallery (DC); representation: Yancey Richardson Gallery (NYC).