Iron Workshops at Penland

Penland offers 1-, 2-, and 8-week classes taught by visiting instructors in our well-equipped studios. Classes include topics such as traditional blacksmithing, forging and forming steel and iron, metal sculpture, working with found metal, finishing techniques, and more. Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.

Enrollment for spring and summer 2017 workshops is currently open.




Spring Concentration
March 12 - May 5, 2017

Remy Louis Hanemann, Katrina Condo, iron ore, cast iron,

aluminum, copper, brass, mild and stainless steel,

10 x 6 x 4 inches

Remy Louis Hanemann
Iron Foundry 101–301

This workshop will build a complete iron foundry that will become part of the Penland iron studio. When construction is complete, we’ll have several iron pours and an aluminum pour. Fabrication of the cupola furnace will include instruction in oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutting, MIG welding, and shielded-metal arc welding (SMAW). We’ll build all the tools needed for iron pouring and learn how to run a pour safely. The class will also include a two-week sculpture workshop focused on making and using two-part resin-bonded sand molds, including gating, venting, and finishing. The final pour will be planned, managed, and conducted by the students. All levels. Code S00I


Designer/fabricator at BILT in Alabama Architecture and Fabrication Company; former resident artist and foundry manager at Sloss Furnaces (AL); teaching: University of Tennessee, University of Southern Mississippi, University of West Virginia.











SUMMER session 1

May 28 - JUNE 9, 2017

Rebekah Frank, Twinned, steel, 32 x 18 x 1/8 inches


Rebekah Frank
Geometries in Steel

In this structured but open-ended exploration of the geometries that surround us every day, we’ll use geometry as the basis for creating. Fabrication and metal forming instruction will include oxy-fuel cutting and welding, plasma cutting, and MIG and TIG welding, as well as basic forging techniques. Come prepared to think about basic geometric formulas and to work within the framework of geometric shapes. The material focus will be steel, and your final product can be any form: from small to large, from functional to sculptural. All levels. Code 01I


Studio artist; teaching: Cranbrook Academy of Art (MI), Evergreen State College (WA), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Lappeenranta University residency (Finland); exhibitions: KORU5 (Finland), Design Miami, Tacoma Museum of Art (WA); collections: CODA Museum (Netherlands), Cranbrook Art Museum (MI).



SUMMER session 2

JUNE 11 - 23, 2017

Carmen Gambino, Cream Track Bike, double-butted chromoly tubing


Carmen Gambino
Bicycle Design & Frame Building

Learn the art of bicycle frame building from start to finish. In this structured workshop, students of all levels will gain insight into design, drafting, material selection, and construction techniques. We’ll dive into various methods and schools of thought for every process. Each participant will have the opportunity to construct a road frameset from steel tubing using a torch to create fillet-brazed and lugged joints. This class will focus on traditional custom-construction techniques, effectively enabling the builder to create a bicycle frame with minimal access to industrial tools. All levels. Code 02I

Custom bicycle frame builder and teacher of welding and brazing; learned frame building from Kochi Yamaguchi and Joe Bringheli.







SUMMER session 3

JUNE 25 - July 7, 2017

D.W. Martin, The Weight, cast bronze, patina, paint,

10 x 8 x 6 inches


D.W. Martin
Ceramic Shell Bronze Life Casting

This workshop will create bronze and aluminum life castings using the technically-advanced moldmaking process of ceramic shells. We’ll cover several wax-working techniques including the use of Body Double silicone rubber to create castings that produce incredibly detailed results. Traditional investment and bonded sand mold-making will be covered through lectures and visual aids but will not be practiced. We’ll cover foundry set-up, safety procedures, casting, clean-up, and finishing. Each student will have the opportunity to produce two or three cast pieces in both bronze and aluminum. All levels. Code 03I

Professor at Edinboro University (PA); exhibitions: solo at Erie Art Museum (PA), Ella Sharp Museum (MI), Slippery Rock University (PA), ArtPark Outdoor Sculpture Competition (NY).













SUMMER session 4

July 9 - 21, 2017

Greg Gehner, CONNECT Candlesticks, steel, 8 x 6 x 4

inches each


Greg Gehner
Design, Forge & Fabricate

Traditional and contemporary, blacksmith and welder, designer and craftsman, forge and fabricate, draw and build. This workshop will focus on an aesthetic merging and balancing of disparate ideas, skills, and methods. Demonstrations and discussions on drawing, forging and fabrication, connections, transitions, and jig-making will lead to some smaller practice pieces and then to the completion of larger finished projects from individual designs. Students are welcome to bring both sketches and alternative materials (wood, stone, glass, etc.) to integrate into a sculptural or functional project. All levels. Code 04I


Studio artist and owner of Transit Forge (PA); teaching: Touchstone Center for Crafts (PA), Erie Art Museum (PA); publications: 500 Tables, 500 Chairs (both Lark Books), From Fire to Form, Ironwork Today 3 (both Schiffer Publishing).













SUMMER session 5

July 23 - August 8, 2017

Vivian Beer, Dressed Up and Pinned, hydraulically-formed and

fabricated steel, automotive finish, 8 x 15-1/2 x 7 feet



Vivian Beer
Design & Fab-ulous

This workshop will focus on the relationship between digital design and physical making—specifically steel fabrication. We’ll cut digitally-designed parts with a computer-controlled (CNC) plasma cutter and assemble and further manipulate them through traditional metalworking. Topics include modeling in scale, digital scanning, basic computer-aided design (CAD) in Rhino, CNC plasma cutting, welding, jig making, using the hydraulic press, die building, sheet/plate/bar metal forming, and abrasives. Let’s see how the digital landscape can help us make our pieces fabulous in the physical world. Intermediate/advanced; basic metalworking skills required. Code 05I


Studio artist; teaching: Anderson Ranch (CO), Haystack (ME); Mineck Furniture Fellowship (Boston), Ellen Degeneres Design Challenge winner; collections: Smithsonian (DC), Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Brooklyn Museum (NYC), Museum of Arts and Design (NYC).







SUMMER session 6

August 13 - 25, 2017

William J. Bastas, Tiger Sconce, forged steel, mica,

24 x 16 x 8 inches


William J. Bastas
Heat, Hold, Hit, Huzzah!

This workshop will present comprehensive forging methodology using hand, sledge, and power hammers. We’ll learn the properties of metals, efficient forging, ergonomic hammering, and practical metallurgy. Each student will make a pair of double pick-up tongs, a Bastas-style cross pein forging hammer, and a Van Erp-inspired mica table lamp. These projects are platforms for surveying the skills expected of a journeyman smith: drawing, bending, twisting, splitting, punching, upsetting, fire welding, and heat treating. All skill levels will benefit from this systematic approach; intermediate/advanced students will get an extra benefit from comparing this system with their own. All levels. Code 06I

Founder and professor of Blacksmithing program at Austin Community College (TX) 1993-present; teacher at the Ozark School of Blacksmithing (AR) 1998-2002; artist in residence at the National Ornamental Metal Museum (TN) 1997; certified AWS D1.1 6G sch 120, AWS Certified Welding Inspector, AWS Certified Welding Educator.











SUMMER session 7

August 27 - September 2, 2017

Dan Neville, Trunnion Vessels, steel, 18 x 5 x 5 inches each


Dan Neville
The Vessel Format

This workshop will focus on creating vessels from formed and fabricated steel. We’ll begin by experimenting with contemporary form as we use drawing and tarpaper templates to design a functional or sculptural vessel. After we cover different cold connection and sheet metal joinery techniques, we’ll assemble multiple pieces to gain volume. Various finishing techniques and patina/color applications will give you the skill to create a finished vessel and allow you to create surprising surfaces. This workshop will be informative to anyone who wants to experiment with form, line, texture, and color on steel. All levels. Code 07I

Studio artist; teaching: Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Wayne State University (MI), Austin Community College (TX); exhibitions: National Ornamental Metal Museum (TN), Evansville Museum (IN), Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum (Japan).