Iron Workshops at Penland

Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.



SUMMER session 5

July 19 - August 4, 2015

Paige Hamilton Davis, Bowl on Stand,

steel, 12 x 8 x 8"

Paige Hamilton Davis
Blacksmithing & Metalsmithing Basics Plus

This will be a great workshop for learning a broad range of basic techniques, including hot and cold forming of steel and other metals, welding, riveting, wrapping, finishes, design, and aesthetics. Plenty of one-on-one time. It will also be a good class to practice and hone techniques and skills you may already have. This is a blacksmithing and metalsmithing workshop focused on sculpture and functional objects. (It痴 not a tool or knife making class.) We値l work hard, problem-solve, make pieces, have conversations, and enjoy the opportunity to use Penland痴 extraordinary iron studio. All levels. Code 05I


Studio artist; teaching: Haystack (ME), Peters Valley (NJ), Campbell Folk School (NC); demonstrator at ABANA and Caniron conferences; work in current traveling exhibition from the Center for Art in Wood (Philadelphia); gallery representation: Blue Spiral (NC), Penland Gallery; collections: Gallery of Art and Design at North Carolina State University.






SUMMER session 6

August 9 - 21, 2015

Heiner Zimmermann, Liquide, steel, 18-1/2 x 4-3/4 x 1-1/2"

Heiner Zimmermann
Contemporary Metalwork

Students in this workshop will begin by engaging with the natural surroundings of Penland, learning to see form, proportion, line, and composition. From this inspiration we値l develop our ideas in metal. Through this process each student will create a small body of work that will be sculptural in nature, whether the pieces are functional or nonfunctional. Demonstrations will cover forging and fabrication techniques as needed. There will also be presentations on contemporary blacksmithing, design, business practices, and other topics. Fundamental blacksmithing and fabrication skills required. Code 06I


Professor in Arts and Crafts Metal Gothenburg University (Sweden), External Examiner Hereford College of the Arts Blacksmithing (England), Examiner Academy for Design and Craft (Germany); Studio artist since 2002 (Germany); public, private and gallery assignments, over 40 lectures and workshops worldwide, and over 40 international exhibitions.


Summer Session 7

August 23 - 29, 2015

Erica Gordon, Cut Nail Neckpiece, steel, thread, dimensions vary

Erica Gordon
Brave New World

Using the modernist art jewelry of Alexander Calder and contemporary avant-garde work as a visual stepping-off point, we値l create sculpture for the body. Exercises in forging, tooling, joinery, welding, silver soldering, and creative finishing will lead to more complex projects of your design. You can expect multiple, quickly-paced daily demonstrations and encouragement to experiment, collaborate, and discuss. Artists who work in other media but are curious about working with steel are encouraged to attend. All levels. Code 07I


Studio artist and proprietor of the belt buckle company Steel Toe Studios; teaching: Haystack (ME), Penland; exhibitions: Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, International Contemporary Furniture Fair (NYC), CODE design fair (Denmark), Origin: The London Craft Fair; work published in American Craft and The Complete Modern Blacksmith (Ten Speed Press).



Fall Eight-Week Concentrations

September 20 - November 13, 2015

Seth Gould, Scroll Lock, steel, brass,

iron, 5 x 8 x 4-1/4"

Seth Gould and Peter Ross
White is the New Black

The focus of this workshop is forging, refining, and embellishing small functional objects in steel. Through controlled forging methods, students will produce objects to a precise shape and dimension. After forging, forms and surfaces will be refined by filing to reveal the white metal below, contrasting the plasticity of hot forging with the crispness of cold embellishment. As we make tools, cooking utensils, mechanical joints, and hardware, we値l discuss design, function, and embellishment. We値l cover decorative filing, engraving, stamping, and inlays. Peter will co-teach for four weeks, bringing his deep insight into the nuances of hand forging and creating utilitarian objects. All levels. Code F00i

Peter Ross, Compass and

Caliper, forged wrought iron,

12" long


Seth: studio artist; teaching: Peters Valley (NJ), Smith Shop (Detroit), University of Arkansas; exhibitions: Craft in America Center (Los Angeles), Green Hill Center (NC), Gallery Shop Si (Japan), work published in Iron Work Today 3 and Iron Work Today 4 (both Schiffer Publishing).

Peter: studio artist; master of the blacksmith shop at Colonial Williamsburg for 25 years; specialist in reproduction 18th and 19th century hardware and tools; teaching: Haystack (ME), Campbell Folk School (NC), Touchstone (PA), Peters Valley (NJ), New England School of Metalworks (ME).



Spring Eight-Week Concentrations

March 13 - May 6, 2016

Elizabeth Brim, Scroll,

forged and fabricated steel,

15-1/2 x 12 x 3

Elizabeth Brim
Miss Betty痴 Red Hot Variety Show: Encore!

This workshop will focus on traditional techniques and innovative processes for forging and forming hot steel. Assignments and rehearsals will ensure each student痴 understanding of basic forging before moving on to the design and production of original sculpture. Processes will include forging, fabrication, inflation, and vacuum forming. We値l explore familiar and unusual surface treatments and finishing techniques. Students will gain the skills required to express their unique ideas in iron and to make well-crafted work. All levels. Code S00I

Studio artist; teaching: Haystack (ME), Peters Valley (NJ); visiting artist at several universities and Cranbrook Academy of Art (MI); North Carolina Arts Council fellowship; Master Metalsmith at National Ornamental Metal Museum; solo exhibitions: North Carolina Museum of Art, Gregg Museum of Art and Design (NC); former Penland studio coordinator.