Glass Workshops at Penland

Penland offers 1-, 2-, and 8-week classes taught by visiting instructors in our well-equipped studios. Class topics include glass blowing, flameworking, glass sculpture, cold working, casting, fusing, and more. Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.

Enrollment for fall 2016 and spring 2017 workshops is currently open. Workshops are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and enrollment remains open until all class spaces are full or the workshop begins.





SUMMER session 7

August 28 - September 3, 2016

Chuck Lopez, Grace, blown glass, stainless steel,

36 x 16 x 4 inches

Chuck Lopez
Cane, Murrine, Lines & Dots

In this workshop students will learn traditional cane and murrine and alternative ways of combining them. We値l cover color setup, gathering, effective cane pulling, and how to make murrine. Once we致e pulled enough cane and murrine, students will learn how to pick them up to make finished pieces, including proper setup and heating. We値l also cover simple approaches to common issues and problems related to working with cane and murrine. Intermediate/advanced: students should be able to gather, make two- and three-gather pieces, and assist a blow partner. Code 07GA


Glass studio technician at Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle); teaching: Pratt Fine Arts Center, Espace Verre (Montreal); Creative Glass Center of America fellowship (NJ), Artist Trust artist project grants (Seattle); exhibitions: Vetri Gallery (Seattle), Morgan Contemporary Glass (Pittsburgh), Kathryn Markel Fine Arts (NYC).

Jen Zitkov, Balance, glass, enamels, 1 x 1-3/4 inches


Jen Zitkov
Beads, Baubles & Doodads

In this fun-filled workshop, we値l use soft glass to focus on building the solid foundation of skills needed to bring your bead ideas to life. We値l begin with the basics and expand from there to develop your skills to create with confidence and consistency. This will include shaping the glass (and getting it to stay where you want it), surface designs and textures, embellishments, decorative canes, troubleshooting, and oh, so much more. All levels. Code 07GB


Studio artist; teaching: The Studio at Corning (NY), Pittsburgh Glass Center, Rochester Institute of Technology (NY), Wildacres (NC), Penland; exhibitions: The Atelier (Miami), Arnot Art Museum (NY), National Liberty Museum (Philadelphia), Bullseye Connection (Portland, OR).







Fall Concentration
September 25 - November 18, 2016

Claire Kelly, Chromosphere, blown and sculpted glass, wood,

string, 11 x 7 x 7 inches

Claire Kelly
The Cane Ladder

This workshop will break down glassblowing techniques into manageable and focused steps. We値l work on problem solving, good habits, and teamwork so that student projects can be approached with confidence. We値l employ various approaches to cane and murrine, including roll-ups and picking up on a bubble. We値l also explore sculpting, hot and cold assemblies, and the fundamentals of cold working. Basic glass skills such as gathering, popping a bubble, making a color overlay, and bringing punties will be helpful, but this class is open to all levels. Code F00GA

Studio artist; teaching: Pilchuck (WA), Pittsburgh Glass Center (PA), The Studio at Corning (NY), Haystack (ME), Fundacin Centro Nacional del Vidrio (Spain); residencies: Pittsburgh Glass Center (PA), Energy Exchange (NC).




Fall One-Week Session 2
October 23 - 29, 2016

Mark Ditzler, The Last Monarch, kilnformed glass, hotworked

cane, 15 x 12 x 7 inches


Mark Ditzler
Flowers, Fish & Fauna

How do you imitate the colors of a butterfly or a hummingbird? We値l explore the versatility of kiln-formed glass using the colors and textures of nature for inspiration. We値l start with basic glass fusing techniques and progress to many decorative possibilities, choosing the best ways to recreate naturally-occurring patterns. Techniques will include silkscreen, frits and powders, dichroics, and micas. We値l make molds to create textures and use flameworking to make useful accents. We値l have daily demos, discussions, and plenty of work time to explore the possibilities. All levels. Code F02GB

Studio artist; teaching: The Studio at Corning (NY), Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pratt Fine Arts Center (WA), The Glass Furnace (Istanbul); recent exhibition: 哲orthwest Designer Craftsmen at 60 at Whatcom Museum (Seattle), collections: Mayo Clinic (MN), Audubon (WA), Kaiser Permanente (CA).










Special Winter One-Week Workshop
January 9 - 14, 2017


Eddie Bernard
Furnace Rebuild Workshop

This special five-day workshop will lead students in the rebuilding of 鄭ngela," the Penland glass studio's Round Day Tank furnace (Wet Dog Glass RDT740). Students will begin by using insulative castable refractory to create a new furnace body and then will learn to dismantle and reassemble a glass furnace. The workshop will cover plumbing of the furnace's safety and combustion systems and proper furnace tuning and adjustment. Registration is open to all students who are interested and eager to participate fully. Because of the physical nature of furnace building, lifting, standing, and bending will be required. All levels. Code 02GA


Founder of Wet Dog Glass, a leader in the development and production of glass studio equipment since 1996.


Tuition for Furnace Rebuild Workshop is $500. The Pines, Penland's dining hall, is closed in the winter, and therefore there are no meal fees. Workshop participants are responsible for their own meals. Students are assigned to a shared kitchen; each kitchen is equipped with basic cooking equipment, tableware, and cleaning supplies. Kitchen areas are communal and each person is responsible for kitchen clean up after each use. In addition, the Penland Coffee House will be open from 9am-6pm, Monday through Friday. Coffee, snacks, sandwiches and soup, and other hot meals will be available for purchase.

Housing available for this special session varies from dorm rooms (3 or more beds/room) to single private rooms with private bathrooms. You can decide which level suits your preference and request it on your application. Housing prices are as follows:

Weekly Housing Rates
Dorm - $79
Double/common bath - $110
Double/bath shared with roommate - $141
Single/common bath - $173
Single/private bath - $235




Spring Concentration
March 12 - May 5, 2017

Dean Allison, Water Bug, glass, paint, 36 x 14 x 10 inches


Dean Allison
Glass: The Fantastic & Feared!

This workshop will accelerate your ability to work with glass. While primarily a casting workshop, we値l cover many approaches to using glass, including introductions to blowing and blow-molds. We値l duplicate positive forms, make molds, use kiln and cold-working processes, and experiment to achieve desired results. The first four weeks will introduce specific glass techniques and methods. In the second four weeks, you値l use these methods to expand your artistic language. Prepare to aim high, absorb, experiment, work through failure, work in teams, and share space. All levels. Code S00GA


Penland resident artist; teaching: The Glass Furnace (Turkey), Pittsburgh Glass Center, Arrowmont (TN), Bullseye Glass Center (OR); exhibitions: National Portrait Gallery (DC), SOFA Chicago, Scope Miami, Spartanburg Art Museum (SC), Muskegon Art Museum (MI).








Spring One-Week Session 2
April 9 - 15, 2017

Chuck Savoie, Zanfirico and Reticello Goblets, blown glass,

14 x 7 x 7 inches


Chuck Savoie
Color 101

This will be a hands-on workshop on making and using colored glasses and various way to opacify glass. The focus will be on practical glass melting and the chemistry behind it. Students will gain an overall understanding of how to make a spectrum of colored glasses and formulas that produce different effects. We値l cover the use of a color furnace, color charts and glasses appropriate for incalmo, multiple overlays, cane, and other glassblowing techniques. Some glass melting experience and a basic knowledge of the constituents of glass will be helpful, but this workshop is open to all levels. Code S02GB

Studio artist; teaching: University of Sydney (Australia), visiting lecturer at Bay Area Glass Institute (CA) and Cleveland Art Institute; Best in Show at Smithsonian Craft Show (DC), Judge痴 Choice Award at Philadelphia Museum Craft Show; exhibitions: SOFA Chicago and New York, Art Palm Beach (FL), Montreal Museum of Fine Art; collections: Renwick Gallery (DC), Museum of Arts and Design (NYC); representation: Okay Spark Gallery (VA).





Spring One-Week Session 3
April 23 - 29, 2017

Mark Peiser, Passage 1, hot-cast, phase-separated glass,

23-1/4 x 25 x 8-1/2 inches


Mark Peiser & Susie J. Silbert
The Glass Sommelier

Not all glasses are alike. Different kinds of glass encourage different processes and aesthetics. Some allow for complex detail work, while others are more suitable for large-scale castings. Structured like a cooking class and including lectures and discussions on the history of glass, this workshop will expose students to a breadth of glasses and give them information that will help them design glasses to their own tastes and needs. We値l mix ingredients, melt glasses, and sample the results. An interest in and enthusiasm for glass is required. All levels. Code S03GB

Mark: studio artist; Glass Arts Society Lifetime Achievement Award, North Carolina Award, Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass Lifetime Achievement Award; collections: Museum of Arts and Design (NYC), Tokyo Museum of Modern Art. Susie: curator of modern and contemporary glass at Corning Museum of Glass (NY); teaching: Rhode Island School of Design; exhibitions: UrbanGlass (NYC), Parsons (NY).