Drawing and Painting Workshops at Penland

Penland School of Crafts offers 1-, 2-, and 8-week classes taught by visiting instructors in our well-equipped studios. Class topics include oil painting, watercolor, encaustic, life drawing, charcoal and pencil drawing, color theory, composition, abstract art, and much more. Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.





Spring One-Week Session 1

March 27 - April 2, 2016

Lisa Pressman, During the Time, encaustic, 30 x 30”

Lisa Pressman
Painting with Encaustic: Layered, Rich, Personal

This workshop will guide students in basic and advanced encaustic techniques as they create works that are rich in layers and transparency. We’ll cover color application, methods of fusing, image transfers, mark making, pigment sticks, pastels, graphite, collage, equipment, history, and safety. Experimentation will be encouraged as well as attention to editing and content. Exercises, group discussions, and individual instruction will help you learn technique and develop your personal language and vision. All levels. Code S01D

Studio artist; teaching: Arrowmont (TN), Southwest School of Art (TX), Ringling College of Art (FL), Pacific Northwest School of Art (WA); exhibitions: R&F Handmade Paints (NY), Butters Gallery (Portland, OR), Telluride Gallery of Fine Art (CO); representation: Causey Contemporary (NYC).








Spring One-Week Session 2

April 10 - 16, 2016

Alicia D. Keshishian, Penlandia,

Tibetan-style hand-knotted carpet,

Tibetan wool, silk, 84 x 60”


Alicia D. Keshishian
CHROMA-LICIOUS: Color Revelations

What is color? How does color function? We’ll review basic color theory and consider how to integrate that information into your work, whether it is ceramics, textiles, printmaking, painting, etc. Color elicits a visceral reaction, and most people respond to color before anything else—unable to navigate pattern or style if the colors don’t resonate for them. Color is personal, and while it transcends fashion trends and peer pressure, understanding all aspects of color will further all aspects of your work. All levels. Code S02D

Art director and designer with 30 years of textile, print, and illustration experience; studied with Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Institute; awards from The Society of Publication Designers, Art Director’s Club, Communication Arts; member of Color Marketing Group.










SUMMER session 1

May 29 - JUNE 10, 2016


Robert Johnson, Headwaters, acrylic and oil on

aluminum panel, 40 x 30 inches


Robert Johnson & Ken Moore
Nature Notes

This workshop will be taught by a botanist and an artist whose work centers on the natural environment. We’ll cover a simple method of taking notes and sketching in the field using a portable kit that contains everything students will need. We’ll take field trips to beautiful natural areas to learn about the plants and ecosystems of the Southern Appalachians. Back in the studio we’ll study botanical specimens and produce small watercolor paintings from the sketches made during our excursions. All levels. Code 01D


Robert: studio artist; teaching: Haystack (ME), Arrowmont (TN), Penland; NEA/Southern Arts Federation grant and several North Carolina Arts Council fellowships and grants; representation: Blue Spiral (NC). Ken: botanist, assistant director emeritus of the North Carolina Botanical Garden; teaching: North Carolina Botanical Garden, North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences, Penland.



SUMMER session 3

JUNE 26 - July 8 2016

Brooke Rothshank, Tape Measure, watercolor, 1 x 1 inches

Brooke Rothshank
Painting: Small & Often

This is an introductory workshop in daily miniature painting. This detail-focused session will cover small composition design, the use of watercolor compared to other media, and the value of artistic accountability with an emphasis on completing daily work. We’ll consider the possibility of preparing both miniature and full-size frames. Demonstrations and one-on-one instruction will address the needs of students with different levels of experience. Come prepared to push the boundaries of your productivity and create intimate paintings that capture moments from your time at Penland. All levels. Code 03D

Studio artist, illustrator of three children’s books for Herald Press; teaching: International Guild of Miniature Artisans School (ME); exhibitions: Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh), Chicago International Miniature Show; work featured in Miniature Collector and Dollhouse Miniatures magazines.







SUMMER session 4

July 10 - 22, 2016


Goedele Peeters, Statue, woodcut in reduction, 20 x 24 inches

Goedele Peeters
Figure Drawing to Printmaking

Each day of this intensive workshop will include several sessions of life drawing with a model, including full-body drawing, portraits, and anatomical studies. We’ll draw on paper with charcoal, watercolor, pastel, ink, bister, and other media. Then we’ll work in the print studio to translate these drawings into prints through drypoint, monotype, and linoleum cuts with relief stencil. All levels. Code 04X


Professor at Municipal Art School Kontich and Berchem (Belgium); other teaching: Hochschule Kunst & Design (Switzerland), Cultural Center Tripoli (Libya), University of Michigan; exhibitions: International Print Center (NYC), International Print Triennial (Poland), Gallery Pinsart (Belgium).







SUMMER session 5

July 24 - August 9, 2016


Celia Gray, Bright Coins, ink, oil, paper, beeswax on

wood, 24 x 20 inches


Celia Gray
Encaustic Painting

This workshop will explore the possibilities of the ancient method of encaustic painting. We’ll start with tools, safety, mixing paints, and fusing layers. We’ll go on to explore many ways to create imagery and texture using traditional and alternative techniques. There will be daily demonstrations, discussions of historic and contemporary works, and plenty of time for experimentation. We’ll also set aside a few days to make drawings and low-tech prints on transparent paper for inclusion in our finished work. This workshop will cover all the topics needed to begin a studio practice in encaustic or expand an existing one. All levels. Code 05D


Studio artist; teaching: Asheville Bookworks (NC), Rutgers University (NJ), Penland; recent exhibitions: White Box Gallery (NY), Blue Spiral (NC), Cameron Museum of Art (NC).









SUMMER session 6

August 14 - 26, 2016


Arthur Gonzalez, The Lookout, oil pastel, paint on gessoed

paper, 20 x 30 inches

Arthur Gonzalez
The Alchemy of Personal Symbols

Drawing is a way of seeing our thoughts. Philosophically, this is a kind of alchemical transference. Personal symbols are objects that potentize our work, which holds a mirror to who we are. Through lessons in color and light theory, this workshop will explore visual ideas and devices that will further our ability to construct good drawings. We’ll also experiment with soft pastels and oil pastels, which are a bridge to the world of oil painting. Students must have a steady and confident practice in drawing. Above all, they must have a desire to invent, imagine, execute, and enjoy making art. Intermediate/advanced level. Code 06D

Professor at California College of the Arts; two Virginia Groot Foundation awards, four National Endowment for the Arts fellowships; work exhibited in more than 50 solo exhibitions; residencies: University of Georgia, Louisiana State University, Tainan National University (Taiwan), Pilchuck (WA).





SUMMER session 7

August 28 - September 3, 2016

Holly Roberts, Horse Resting, mixed media, 24 x 42 inches

Holly Roberts
Mix-Up: Paint & Collage

Working with collage and layered images, we can directly and quickly involve ourselves in the process of image making. Collage gives us immediate feedback and allows us to proceed with our process while identifying issues that are causing trouble. Expressive painting gives us an immediate and direct link to our creative selves. Working with acrylic paints and a variety of mixed-media, we’ll cover image transfers, gluing techniques, painting techniques, surfaces, supports, media compatibility, and layering materials. Students will learn how the different media work together so they will understand what processes work best in combination. All levels. Code 07D

Studio artist; Ferguson Grant from Friends of Photography, two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships; residency at Hollins University (VA); work published in three monographs; exhibitions: Catherine Edelman Gallery (Chicago), Museum of Photographic Arts (CA), Tucson Museum of Art (AZ), Honolulu Museum of Art.