Drawing and Painting Workshops at Penland

Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.




Spring Session 1

march 22 - 28, 2015


Katherine Amman Vellard, Dream,

oil pastels, graphite, 30 x 22 inches

Katherine Amman Vellard
Nature Series

We’ll work within a limited context, using restrictions not as an inhibiting factor but as a challenging format for discovery and expression. Each student will select an object from nature that reveals greater visual riches the more closely you examine (draw/dissect) it. That object will become the source for a series of drawings, beginning with several carefully observed life-sized graphite works and evolving into large-scale charcoal abstractions. It’s amazing to see what a rich portfolio can result from working with such a small, underwhelming source. The possibilities are endless! All levels. Code S01D

Professor at Louisiana Tech University; Louisiana Division of the Arts fellowship; exhibitions: St. John the Divine (NYC), Centre d’Arts Plastiques Albert Chanot (France), Barnwell Art Center (LA), Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (CA).








Spring Session 2

april 5 - 11, 2015


Tremain Smith, Sublime Creature,

oil and wax on panel, 48 x 32 inches

Tremain Smith
Encaustic Painting: Layers of Meaning

This workshop will cover the basics of encaustic painting: making encaustic medium and encaustic paint, fusing, substrates, equipment, materials, and safety. Once we cover these foundations, we’ll explore transparency and opacity, creating texture, building and removing layers, collage, branding, incising, glazing ,dry brushing, and surface manipulation. I will demonstrate my particular technique of using a template as a reference point for drawing, layering transparent wax, and adding color with oil glaze and collage. Students will use the techniques covered in the workshop to serve their own creative ends. All levels. Code S02D

Studio artist; teaching: Truro Center for the Arts (MA), K&F Handmade Paints (NY), Penland; exhibitions: Rosenfeld Gallery (Philadelphia), Paia Contemporary (HI), Darnell Fine Art (Santa Fe); collections: Metropolitan Museum (NYC), Pew Charitable Trusts (Philadelphia), Lancaster Museum (PA).







Joy Seidler, Two Moon Journals, paste paper coptic binding,

9 x 12 inches, dust jacket journal with image sewn, 10 x 8 inches

Caverly Morgan & Joy Seidler
Mindfulness & Making

Our workshop will focus on discovering authentic personal entry points into the creative process. Together we’ll explore mindful participation with creativity and with life as we avoid the temptations of control and end-gain. We will use crafts—including pastepaper, journal making, clay work, and other forms—as a vehicle for the practice of presence and receptivity and for experiencing interconnectedness. We’ll also explore meditation, strategies for bringing mindful practices into your life, and the role of service in craft. And we’ll address questions such as, “What does it mean to be a vehicle for creative life force while being an object maker?” and “How can our creative processes assist us in being more awake in the world?” All levels. Code S02CB

Caverly: meditation teacher, Zen practitioner and founding director of One House of Peace.


Joy: studio artist, consultant, educator, trainer of teachers; 20 summers of pastepaper journal workshops in Massachusetts.







SUMMER session 1

May 24 - JUNE 5, 2015


Steve Johnson, Chickadee Cloud

Are Fading into Nothing, mixed media on panel, 36 x 36 inches


Steve Johnson
Drawing Inspiration from the Figure

This workshop will explore the processes and materials used in traditional and nontraditional figure drawing. Students will work from the nude model, learning basic to advanced drawing techniques. We値l work with wet and dry materials and experiment with a variety of paper, tools, and media. Drawing sessions will include demonstrations and individual meetings aimed at helping students define their artistic goals and advance their problem-solving skills. The class will also spend time sketching outdoors and gathering inspiration from Penland痴 beautiful grounds. All levels. Code 01D

Assistant professor at the College of Charleston (SC); exhibitions: Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art (SC), Blackburn 20/20 (NYC), 111 Minna Gallery (San Francisco); residency: Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop (NYC); collections: Library of Congress (DC).

SUMMER session 2

JUNE 7 - 19, 2015

Ruth Waller, Mineral (After Bellini), acrylic on linen,

51 x 39-1/3 inches

Ruth Waller
Painting, Nature, & Abstraction

How can abstract approaches to painting reflect an immersive experience of nature? We will explore ways of responding to the local natural landscape through painting, drawing, and collage. This will begin with a series of introductory exercises focused on the visual poetics of color, pattern, composition, space, scale, material, surface, and process. Students will then develop their own project based on this material. Studio work will be supplemented by discussions and illustrated talks introducing contemporary Australian responses to nature and the land as a point of comparison. All levels. Code 02D

Head of painting at Australian National University; exhibitions: Watters Gallery (Sydney), Nancy Sever Gallery (Canberra); collections: National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria (Australia), Art Gallery of New South Wales (Australia), Art Gallery of Queensland (Australia).

All workshops in Session 2 will be taught by artists

from Australian National University.


SUMMER session 3

JUNE 21 - July 3 2015

Nicholas Raynolds, Yuki, pencil on paper, 10 x 8 inches

Nicholas Raynolds
Portrait Drawing in Pencil

This workshop will explore the craft of representational portrait drawing in the classic tradition of the 19th century French academy. Suitable for beginning, intermediate, or advanced students, it is an opportunity to develop and hone your skills in drawing from both long and short poses. We値l draw on paper and work with live models. Through demonstrations and individual critiques, we値l explore the elements used to clearly depict form and likeness. We値l gain understanding of light and shadow using the time-honored effects of chiaroscuro. All levels. Code 03D

Studio artist; teaching: Art Students League (NYC), National Academy (NYC), Gage Academy (Seattle); exhibitions: Forbes Gallery (NYC), Eleanor Ettinger Gallery (NYC), John Pence Gallery (San Francisco); collections: Forbes Collection (NYC), Arkansas Art Center; publications: Drawing and Art Collector magazines, Lessons in Classical Drawing and Classical Painting Atelier by Juliette Aristides.





SUMMER session 4

July 5 - 17, 2015


Patricia Wheeler, Rhythm Trance, acrylic, oil marker,

charcoal, packing tape, 12 x 9 inches

Patricia Wheeler
Journal Cover

Starting from the idea that creating and analyzing are different processes, students will work from their intuitive side. We値l begin with simple and fast journaling techniques using drawing, watercolors, rubber stamps, photos, and written words to layer history. Then we値l work on boards, transforming personal vision into abstract paintings that reflect life. Materials will include limestone clay on board, acrylic paints as stain, and cold wax to seal the final layer. As we build, stencil, and cut into the paintings, we値l begin to understand the layering and distressed surfaces of ancient places and how that accumulation of information can metaphorically reflect ourselves. This work is physical and messy. The only requirement is a basic design sense and a willingness to experiment. All levels. Code 04D


Studio artist; teaching: Haystack (ME), Oregon College of Art and Craft, Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Peninsula Art School (WI); work exhibited widely in the U.S.





SUMMER session 5

July 19 - August 4, 2015


Joseph Hart, Untitled, collage, acrylic, oil crayon,

enamel, graphite on paper, 50 x 38 inches


Joseph Hart
Exploratory Drawing

This workshop will examine alternative approaches to drawing. Through studio exercises, demonstrations, discussions, and assignments, students will experiment with a range of techniques and media to create representational and abstract drawings in both modest and large dimensions. The workshop will emphasize playful and intuitive mark-making, exchanges between observational and 殿utomatic drawing, the importance of composition, and taking creative risks. Students will have opportunities to work in series, to collaborate in small groups, and to develop independent drawing projects. All levels. Code 05D


Studio artist and teacher at City College of New York and Rhode Island School of Design; Dieu Donn Workspace Residency; exhibitions: Galleri Jacob Bjorn (Denmark), Gallerie Vidal Saint Phalle (Paris), Halsey McKay Gallery (NY).





SUMMER session 6

August 9 - 21, 2015


Susan Goethel Campbell, Condensation, cotton, lurex,

mylar, ink, 11 x 8 inches

Susan Goethel Campbell
Field Work

This workshop is designed to push the boundaries of drawing while recording natural phenomena in the Penland environment. Using a variety of materials and formats including sound and digital projection, we will document the landscape, flora, and fauna of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We値l have presentations about contemporary drawing, informal critiques, and plenty of time to work independently. Come with an open mind and a willingness to explore new strategies and concepts for drawing. All levels. Code 06D

Studio artist; teaching: College for Creative Studies (Detroit), Cranbrook Academy (MI); Kresge artist fellowship; exhibitions: Crystal Bridges Museum (AR), Grand Rapids Art Museum (MI), Museum of Contemporary Art (Detroit), National Museum of Women in the Arts (DC); gallery representation: David Klein Gallery (MI), Galerie Tom Blaess (Switzerland).

SUMMER session 7

August 23 - 29, 2015

Yolanda S疣chez, Romancing Possibilities,oil on canvas,

48 x 60 inches

Yolanda S疣chez
Cultivating Possibility: The Magic of Creative Awareness

This workshop will focus on identifying and clarifying personal voice and artistic vision by integrating painting and insight-oriented meditation. The goal is to develop mechanisms that expand inner space and identify core conversations that will direct and affect what we create. Students will paint every day following a given (flexible) structure and will complete a series of paintings by the end of the week. Students may work with oil or acrylic on canvas. The workshop will include group and individual critiques. This workshop will be most useful for students who have painting experience or an ongoing art practice, but all levels are welcome. All levels. Code 07D

Studio artist, clinical psychologist, director of the Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs Division of Miami-Dade Aviation Department; teaching: Florida International University, University of Miami; Fulbright fellowship, Vermont Studio Center residency; gallery representation: Kathryn Markel Fine Arts (NYC).