The Craft School Experience

Craft schools offer an immersive educational opportunity like no other. Internationally-renowned instructors and dedicated students of all levels come together in well-equipped studios for intensive and focused study, exploration, and creative collaboration. Itís all part of an experience that is thought provoking, inspiring, and sometimes life changing. We call it the Craft School Experience.


Penland is proud to be part of the Craft School Experience along with our partner schools Arrowmont (TN), Haystack (ME), Peters Valley (NJ), and Pilchuck (WA).




Make/Time Podcast

Hosted by Stuart Kestenbaum and presented by, this podcast series explores fine craft, inspiration, and the creative process through interviews with established craft artists from across the field. It is geared toward anyone interested in the people or the behind-the-scenes perspectives of makers.


Episodes of Make/Time are approximately 20 minutes long. New episodes will be added here as they become available. You can also download them from iTunes by searching for "maketime" or find them at the following websites:





Roberto Lugo: Finding a Community and a Voice

Roberto Lugo is a potter living and working in Vermont. He grew up in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia and began his creative life writing graffiti. Roberto is a professor at Marlboro College, and he talks about the different languages of academia, the pottery room, and the community where he was raised and the challenges and joys of truly communicating across cultures.













Rowland Ricketts: Living with Your Work

Rowland Ricketts is an indigo grower and artist based in Bloomington, Indiana. Here, Rowland talks with Stuart Kestenbaum about originality, process, living with nature, discovery, and how to find a work you never retire from.






















Vivian Beer: Design for the People

Host Stuart Kestenbaum talks with furniture designer Vivian Beer, winner of HGTV's Ellen's Design Challenge, about learning how to blend traditional making with new technology, and how her time on the tv design contest showed her that not only can great design be made more cheaply, but it should be.


















Tom Joyce: A Life in Iron

In this episode, host Stuart Kestenbaum talks with sculptor Tom Joyce. Trained as a blacksmith when he was a teenager, Tom Joyce's art work can be found in museums across the country, including the National September 11th Memorial and Museum in New York City.



















Tim McCreight: Finding His Way

In this episode, Tim McCreight talks to Stuart Kestenbaum about his path to becoming a jeweler, teacher, publisher, writer, and activist.























Sonya Clark: Needling the Thread

Stuart Kestenbaum talks with artist Sonya Clark about family, roots, textiles, and the joys of making art in a community.
























Make/Time Trailer

Stuart Kestenbaum introduces himself and gives a preview of his first conversation with Sonya Clark.