Dave Wofford

Durham, NC

Core Fellow 1995-1996



"From Amos Kennedy’s slide talk… 'Owning a press is a political statement… and from time to time you should use it as such.'”


Maji Moto: Dispatches from a Drought. A Horse and Buggy Press edition, 2012
9 x 12 inches, 88 pages, edition of 175 books
Mix of indigo and letterpress printing
This fine press book features 40 photographs and 11 lyrical essays by Courtney Fitzpatrick, as well as forewords by noted biologist Harry Greene and social studies scholar Donna Haraway. Each book includes a photographic print tucked inside a translucent envelope tucked inside the back cover.
Photo © Artist



Critical Mass Poster, 2007
9 x 12 inches
A pro-bono Citizen Dave piece done in collaboration with a local high school student. We like to think these events contributed to the local cycling infrastructure improvements in the City of Durham, and was a small part in making more people feel confident to take to the streets on two wheels.
Photo © Artist




Farmers Market Broadside
13 x 20 inches
Five colors; entirely letterpress printed.
I like how the image, a woodcut by Josef Beery, implies the action of harvesting.
And just like an ear of corn is made up of lots of small kernels, a farmers market is made up of lots of small farms and on this broadside there is a list of the farms, arranged chronoligically by the first year of their participation in the market as the Farmers Market celebrated their ten year anniversary.
Photo © Artist