Andi Steele

Wilmington, NC

Core Fellow 1998-1999


"Penland is community, a place where people gather to make and share. I saw this the first time I came to Penland, I was immersed in it as Core student, and it is what brings me back year after year. It is an experience unique to Penland, a way of learning that extends beyond the studio. And, it is big fun!"


Emanate, 2013
Room dimensions 8 x 8 x 28 feet
Monofilament, eyehooks, wood supports
Photo © Matthew Clay-Robinson
Installed at the Brossman Gallery, York College, Pennsylvania from August 22-September 26, 2013








My Place, 2014
81 x 68 x 14 inches
Steel conduit, fittings
Photo © Courtney Johnson




Place, 2011
Room dimensions 14 x 13 x 38 feet
Monofilament, eyehooks, wood supports
Photo © Harry Taylor
Installed at the Art Gallery, University of North Carolina - Wilmington from February 27-April 7, 2011