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Summer 2015 Workshop Preview



This is a preliminary schedule and is subject to change.


We will not be accepting applications for Summer 2015 workshops until the full descriptions are posted in late December 2014.


Session Dates

Session 1: May 24 - June 5
Session 2: June 7 - 19
Session 3: June 21 -July 3
Session 4: July 5 -17
Session 5: July 19 - August 4
Session 6: August 9 - 21
Session 7: August 23 - 29


Books & Paper

1 Cynthia Nourse Thompson—Watermark Fabrication
2 Nicci Haynes—Reconfiguring the Book: Beyond the Alphabet
3 Cathy Adelman & Jack Mauch—Marquetry by the Book
4 Jana Harper—The What & the Why: Books as Idea Generators
Lee Emma Running—Sculptural Paper
5 Shawn Sheehy—Animated Pop-Up Books
6 Doug Beube—Radical Bookwork
7 Jeff Altepeter—Skin & Bones


1 Chris Gustin—Wood Firing: Exploring Form & Surface
Pattie Chalmers—Animal, Vegetable, Mineral & Me
2 Greg Daly—Exploration of Form & Color
Michael Keighery—Self-Expression through Clay
3 Linda Christianson—Pots & Woodfire
Emily Schroeder Willis—Making Your Mark
4 Steve Loucks—To Set the Table
Kip O’Krongly—Investigating Earthenware
5 Silvie Granatelli—Exploring Forms for Presentation
Arturo Guillermo Córdova & Cristina Córdova—Sculpture in Motion
6 Janne Hieck & Gregory Hamilton Miller—Salt- & Soda-Fired Ceramics
Hiroe Hanazono—By Design: Prototyping & Moldmaking
7 Jeff Oestreich—Throwing & Altering
Lana Wilson—Handbuilding Plus COLOR

Drawing & Painting

1 Steve Johnson—Drawing Inspiration from the Figure
2 Ruth Waller—Painting, Nature, & Abstraction
3 Nicholas Raynolds—Portrait Drawing in Pencil
4 Pat Wheeler—Journal to Painting
5 Joseph Hart—Exploratory Drawings
6 Susan Goethel Campbell—Field Work: Uprooting Tradition
7 Yolanda Sanchez—Clearing the Clogged Stream



1 Granite Calimpong & Boyd Sugiki—Deconstructing the Goblet
Amber Cowan—Flame & the Contemporary Context
2 Nadège Desgenétez—Color X Form
Richard Whiteley—Kiln Casting & Shaping
3 Ché Rhodes—Nuance & Anecdote
Sarah Blood—Where the Magic Happens: Combining Light & Mixed Media (neon)
4 Jason Minami—Building Your Core
Matt Eskuche—Turning Wonder Bread into Brioche
5 Benjamin Cobb & Pablo Soto—A Cumulative Effect
Susan Taylor Glasgow—Glass Plus
6 Matt Urban—The Mechanics of Making
Kirstie Rea & Jiyong Lee—Investigations between Kiln & Coldworking
7 Jasen Johnsen & Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen—Sculpting Hot Glass
Wesley Fleming—Flameworking Natural Forms


1 Chris Porcarelli—Illuminating Sound in Metals
2 Suzie Bleach & Andy Townsend—Menagerie
3 Vivian Beer—Metal Furniture
4 Maria Cristalli—Lighting Fixtures
5 Paige Davis—Blacksmithing & Metalsmithing Basics
6 Heiner Zimmermann—Craft Meets Concept
7 Erica Gordon—Brave New World


1 Tara Locklear—Glass on Glass: Vitreous Enamel with Glass Decals
Carol Webb—3-D Etching & Other Possibilities
2 Simon Cottrell—Building the Intangible
3 David Clemons—Body Embellished: Jewelry Suites
Jeffrey Clancy—Pewter: Tavern Mugs to Teaspoons
4 Mi-Sook Hur—Enameling: Design & Color
Daniela Antonelli & Bob Ebendorf—Expanding Nature: Natural Sculpture & Adornments
5 C. James Meyer—Subtracting & Adding: Carving & Construction
Nicole Jacquard—A Piece in a Day
6 David Jones—From Scratch: Fabrication
Kirk Lang—Touch & GO
7 Rob Jackson—The Eloquent Nail
Kim Cridler—Steel as Descriptive Line


1 Jo Whaley—The Theater of Photography
2 Denise Ferris & Matt Higgins—Physical Photography
3 Christina Z. Anderson—Amazing Alternative Photography Techniques
4 Fritz Hoffman—Crafting the Visual Narrative
5 Jeff Goodman—Documentary & the Creative Process
6 Eric Swanson—Natural Light Portraiture
7 Nicholas Kahn—Narrative Staged Photography

Print & Letterpress

1 Shawn Bitters—Pattern, Pop & Politics
Inge Bruggeman—Manifestos and Revolutions through Printed Matter
2 John Pratt—Woodcut: An Exploratory Approach
Caren Florance—Bespoke Poetry: Press Poetics
3 Andy Rubin—Two-Plate Multicolor Printmaking
Béatrice Coron—Contemporary Paper Cutting
4 Jennifer Ghormley—Mix Your Matrix
5 Thomas Lucas—Survey of Printmaking Techniques
Ashley John Pigford & Tricia Treacy—Digital Fabrication & Letterpress Printing
6 Keiji Shinohara—Japanese Woodblock Printmaking
Martin Mazorra—Woodcut & Letterpress Posters
7 Kyle Durrie—Down & Dirty Letterpress


1 Michael Olszewski—Shibori
Lynn Bennett Carpenter—Free-Styling: Drawing On and Off the Loom
2 Jemima Parker—Printacular: Screenprinting on Fabric
Valerie Kirk—Tapestry Weaving: Drawing on My Place
3 Justin LeBlanc—Experimental Patternmaking
Andrea Donnelly—Painting with Thread
4 Jason Pollen—Contemplative Cloth
Bhakti Ziek—Learn to Weave
5 Aaron McIntosh—Piecework: Expanded Form
6 Ann Coddington—Twining: Basketry as Sculpture
Vicki Essig—So Much to Say
7 Leigh Anne Hilbert—Accessories: Surface Design & Construction
Adrienne Sloane—Knitting a Life


1 Jackson Martin—Warped Wood
2 Ashley Eriksmoen—Furniture
3 Critz Campbell—Common Curve: Chairs
4 Tom Huang—Float, Paddle, Drift & Make
5 Abir Ali & Andre Sandifer—Furniture: Table Stories
6 Joel Eckhaus—Free Form Ukulele Construction
7 Miriam Carpenter—The Zen of Carving


Special Classes

2 Gilbert Riedelbauch—From Flat to Form
4 Jana Harper—The What & the Why: Books as Idea Generators
5 Christina Shmigel—Getting to Audacity