Summer 2016 Workshop Preview


This is a preliminary schedule and is subject to change.


We will not be accepting applications for Summer 2016 workshops until the full descriptions are posted in late December 2015.


Session Dates

Session 1: May 29 - June 10
Session 2: June 12 - 24
Session 3: June 26 - July 8
Session 4: July 10 - 22
Session 5: July 24 - August 9
Session 6: August 14 - 26
Session 7: August 28 - September 3


Books & Paper

1: Anna Embree—Bindings in Paper
2: Mary Hark—The Topography of Handmade Paper
3: Frank Brannon—Unprotected Paper
Macy Chadwick—Hidden & Revealed (bookbinding)
4: Esther K. Smith—Instant Artist's Books
5: Lynn Sures—Large Scale & Sculptural Paper
6: Colette Fu—Pop-Up Book Structures
7: Yukari Hayashida—Japanese Bookbinding, Suminagashi, Orizome & Momigami
Leigh Suggs—Paper: Dot, Line, Grid, Form


1: Lindsay Oesterritter—Reduction Cool Wood Fire
Sunshine Cobb—Exploring Handbuilt Functionality
2: Adam Field—Nature Tradition
Forrest Lesch-Middleton—Volumetric Image Transfer
3: Mark Hewitt—Stuck in the Mud
David L. Gamble & Tracy P. Gamble—The Gambles' Clay Adventure
4: Justin Rothshank—Decals & Data
Esther Shimazu—Clay with a Life of its Own
5: Mark Shapiro & Sam Taylor—A Pottery Ramble
Israel Davis—Objects & Images
6: Guillermo Cuellar—Wheelthrown Functional Pots
Jeremy Randall—Pattern Making: Flat to Form
7: Kristen Kieffer—Altered, Ornamented & Drawn: No Fear!
Deborah Horrell & Tom Spleth—Small, Smaller

Drawing & Painting

1: Robert Johnson & Ken Moore—Nature Notes
3: Brooke Rothshank—Painting: Small & Often
4: Goedele Peeters—Figure Drawing & Printmaking
5: Celia Gray—Encaustic Painting
6: Arthur González—The Alchemy of Personal Symbols
7: Holly Roberts—Mix Up: Paint & Collage


1: Einar de la Torre & Jamex de la Torre—The Dirty South (glass and mixed-media)
Beccy Feather—Boro-Ballistic Bubble-Fest (flameworking)
2: Kenny Pieper—Goblets, Cane & Whatever Else Comes Up
Emilio Santini—Flameworking for Everyone
3: Rebecca Arday & David Schnuckel—Logic & Lyricism (hot glass)
Amy Lemaire—Active/At Rest (flameworking)
4: Joe Grant—Pushing, Folding, Blowing, Molding
Jason Chakravarty—Hot Glass & Heavy Metal (kiln casting)
5: Alexandra Chambers & Tom Rowney—Problem-Solving Your Ideas (hot glass)
Joanna Manousis—Contrasting Methods (lost wax/pâte de verre)
6: Brian Corr—Light Form (hot glass)
Mark Angus—Painting on Glass
7: Chuck Lopez—Cane, Murrine, Lines & Dots
Jen Zitkov—Beads, Baubles & Doodads


1: Lucas House—Design/Build/Forge
2: Michael Bondi—Forging Nonferrous Metal
3: Patrick J. Quinn—Mechanical Relationships
4: Andrew Hayes—Focus on Fabrication
5: Hoss Haley & Warren Holzman—Site-Specific Iron Work
6: April Franklin—Steel this Class
7: Daniel T. Beck—Draw/Draft/Design for Steel Sculpture


1: Lola Brooks—Storytelling & Belt Bucklery
Demitra Thomloudis—Hollow Concrete Techniques for Jewelry
2: Ruta Reifen—Put a Ring On It!
Christine Clark—Installation Art & Sculpture
3: Boris Bally & Seliena Coyle—Artful Eating Utensils
David Clarke—Feed Me! (tableware)
4: Elizabeth Turrell—Mark Making & Tactile Surfaces in Enameling
Daniel DiCaprio—Wood Jewelry
5: Suzanne Pugh—Breaking the Mold (gravity casting)
Maria Phillips—Cultivating Permanence (electroforming)
6: Biba Schutz—One is Not Enough
Kiyoko Fujie & Hiroko Yamada—Japanese Traditional Metal Techniques & Alloys
7: Robert Thomas Mullen—Connections
Venetia Dale—Introduction to Pewter Casting & Fabrication


1: William Earle Williams—Interpretive Photographic Documents
2: Emma Powell—Fiction in Photography
3: James Henkel—Making the Picture: The Constructed Image
4: Bridget Conn—Gelatin Silver as Alternative Process
5: Sean Dyroff—Creating Photo Books
6: Mercedes Jelinek—Slowing the F Down: Digital Meets Analog
7: Chris Peregoy—Digital Art & the Alternative Print

Print & Letterpress

1: Andrew Polk & Kathryn Polk—Stone Lithography
Marianne Dages—Text as Image, Type as Thought
2: Stuart Kestenbaum & Susan Webster—Words & Images
Ele Annand & Colin Frazer—Kern, Baby, Kern: Printing Inferno
3: Althea Murphy-Price—Plate Lithography
4: Goedele Peeters—Figure Drawing & Printmaking
Dikko Faust—Modular Pattern Letterpress
5: Lisa Bulawsky—Etching: Fix & Flux
Eileen Wallace—Drawing with the Press
6: Sage Perrot—Screenprinting: Basics & Beyond
Gaylord Schanilec—Wood Engraving & Woodcut Plus
7: Leigh Suggs—Paper: Dot, Line, Grid, Form


1: Susan Brandeis—Stitching as Drawing
Amara Hark-Weber—The Pegged Sole (shoemaking)
2: Catharine Ellis & Joy Boutrup—Natural Dye: Experiments & Results
Helle Rude Trolle—Weaving Traditions & Beyond
3: Barbara Cooper—ReConstruction (sculpture)
Cathryn Amidei—Woven Matrix: Weaving with the TC2
4: Michael Cepress—Wearable Art & the Body
Rebecca Mezoff—The Thrill of Color (tapestry)
5: Luke Haynes—Seams Legit: Reconstructed Quilts
Carole Frances Lung—Structure & Form (weaving)
6: Lisa Klakulak—Small-Scale Tinkerings: Toying with Felt
Robin Muller—Doubleweave on Eight Harnesses
7: Katherine Diuguid—Embroidering Impressions of Nature
Geoffrey Gorman—The Soul of Forgotten Materials


1: Bill Thomas—Building a Double-Paddle Canoe
2: Matt Hutton—Three's a Crowd (furniture)
3: Ray Duffey—Reconfigured (reclaimed materials)
4: Jennifer Anderson—Carcass as Canvas
5: Mark Melonas—Concrete: Renegade Alchemy
6: Stoney Lamar & Brent Skidmore—Form, Texture & Surface Bonanza
7: Melissa Engler & Graeme Priddle—Living Texture: Surfaces with Soul

Special Classes

1: Amara Hark-Weber—The Pegged Sole (shoemaking)
Bill Thomas—Building a Double-Paddle Canoe
2: Lauren Fensterstock—Museum of the Self
3: Barbara Cooper—ReConstruction (sculpture)
5: Mark Melonas—Concrete: Renegade Alchemy
7: Geoffrey Gorman—The Soul of Forgotten Materials
Leigh Suggs—Paper: Dot, Line, Grid, Form