Summer Open Workshops 2017


Because we are continuously receiving applications and occasionally getting cancellations, this list is subject to change, so please check back frequently. Waiting lists are available for all full classes; there is no charge to have your name placed on a waiting list. Work study positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have questions about work-study positions or workshop availability, call 828-765-2359 ext. 1306 to speak to the registrar.



As of April 19, here are our open summer workshops:


1st Session – Concepts in Book Art with Tate Shaw (work-study still available)

3rd Session – Sketchbooks & Journals: Design Structure with Pamela Olson

5th Session – Structure & Surface with Beth Schaible

6th Session – Pop-Up Artists' Books with Andrea Deszo (1 space left)

7th Session – Books & Boxes with Susan Joy Share (work-study still available)


1st Session – Print, Clay & Surface Buffet with Kathy King and Paul Andrew Wandless (1 space left)

2nd Session – From the Ground to the Kiln with Herve Rosseau and Kevin Lips (1 space left)

3rd Session – Layering Techniques, Crafting Content with A. Blair Clemo

4th Session – The Narrative Figure with Kelly and Kyle Phelps (work-study still available)

5th Session – Clay Slab & Beyond with Kenneth Baskin (work-study still available)

6th Session – Viva Handbuilding with Courtney Martin and Melissa Weiss

6th Session – Ceramic Surface Extravaganza with Jason Burnett (1 space left)

7th Session – Basic Glaze Formulation with Ben Evans and Jeff Zamek

7th Session – Slab-Built Pottery: From Flat to Form with Bill Griffith (work-study still available)


2nd Session – Chasing the Line with Catherine Gregory

7th Session – Outer Nature: Inner Nature with Henrik Drescher


1st Session – Hot Glass Sculpting with Ross Richmond

2nd Session – The B to Y of A to Z with David Walters and Joe Benvenuto

2nd Session – Relief Kiln-Casting from Print Blocks with Kristin Thielking and Lisa Beth Robinson (1 space left)

3rd Session – Architectural Approaches with Carmichael Jones (work-study still available)

3rd Session – Back to the Drawing Board with Adam Holtzinger and Nate Cotterman

4th Session – From Flame to Furnace with George Kennard and Sally Prasch (1 space left)

5th Session – Rough Out & Refine with Devin Burgess

6th Session – Commanding the Bench with Jeff Ballard

7th Session – Good Habits with Michael Krupiarz (1 space left)

7th Session – Exquisite Structure with Kit Paulson (1 space left)


3rd Session – Ceramic Shell Bronze Life Casting with D.W. Martin (1 space left)

6th Session – Heat, Hold, Hit, Huzzah! with William Bastas


1st Session – Sticks & Stones with Myra Mimlitsch-Gray

2nd Session – Elegant Connections with Angela Bubash

3rd Session – Forget Me Knot with Kristin Beeler

3rd Session – Industrial Resources for the Studio Artist with Donald Friedlich

5th Session – The Snake Paused with Caroline Gore

6th Session – Wet, Hot, American Narrative: Champleve Enameling with Marissa Saneholtz

7th Session – Instroduction to Powder Coating with Ashley Buchanan (work-study still available)


1st Session – Letterpress: Text Is Image with Lynda Sherman (work-study still available)

1st Session – Pushing the Stone with Curtis Bartone

2nd Session – Daredevil Ephemera with Jessica Spring

4th Session – Radical Letterpress with Margot Ecke and Lily Smith+Kirkley

6th Session – To Sober & Quiet the Mind with Amanda Lee

6th Session – Just Imagine a Book with Steve Miller

7th Session – Letterpress Fundamentals with Leslie Smith

7th Session – Screenprinting: Multi-Colored Multiples with Tonja Torgerson


1st Session – Designing Hand-Knits with Anna Sudo (work-study still available)

2nd Session – Color/Texture, Structure/Pattern with Jessica Green (1 space left)

5th Session – Introduction to Ondule Weaving with Amy Putansu (1 space left) (work-study still available)

6th Session – Transforming Textiles with Saberah Malik


1st Session – Tantalizing Tambour Doors with Reuben Foat (work-study still available)

2nd Session – Working in a Vacuum with Michael Puryear (1 space left)

6th Session – The Serendipity of Design with Sabiha Mujtaba



Standby Program

Residents of certain counties in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee are offered half-price tuition when they take unfilled spaces less than two weeks before the beginning of a one- or two- week class, or four weeks before the beginning of an eight-week concentration. This offer is also available to all K-12 teachers and current college, university, or community college faculty, regardless of where they live.