Spring One-Week Session 1:
March 26 - April 1, 2017


Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.


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Pierce Healy, Memory Map Brooch, hand-engraved silver,

American walnut, steel brooch back, 6 x 3-1/2 x 1/4 inches

Pierce Healy
Hand Engraving: Pattern & Texture

This workshop will give students a basic understanding of the tools, techniques, and materials used in hand engraving. We値l cover setting up, sharpening, and polishing the tools of the craft; holding devices and methods; marking out and transfer techniques; and the cutting of metal. We値l also explore combined techniques and DIY low-tech texture-making methods. This practical short course welcomes everyone from complete novices to practiced metalsmiths, crafters, or printers who wish to add new skills to their repertoire. All levels. Code S01MB

Studio artist; teaching: Pierce Healy Studio (Dublin), National College of Art and Design (Dublin); residencies: Sim (Iceland), Arteles Center (Finland), National College of Art and Design (Dublin); exhibitions: National Craft Gallery (Ireland), The Scottish Gallery (Scotland), Solomon Gallery (Dublin), Velvet da Vinci (San Francisco).







Joe Dinwiddie, Sandstone Retaining Wall, sandstone,

4 x 95 x 2 feet

Joe Dinwiddie
Drystone Masonry

This workshop will explore drystone masonry: design, tools, safety, and application. Students will develop a global perspective on the craft through multimedia classroom meetings, and we値l wrestle large rocks in the mud. Together we値l repair existing stonework on the Penland campus as a way to creatively apply the stonemasonry wisdom of those who have come before us. Most of our work will remain on campus, but we値l also explore the possibilities of carving rock for those interested in taking something with them. All levels. Code S01CB

Stone mason; teaching: Touchstone (PA), Campbell Folk School (NC), Warren Wilson College (NC), Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Pennsylvania Humanities Council, Black Mountain Center for the Arts (NC), Olmsted Parks Conservancy (KY), Asheville City Schools (NC), Pine Mountain Settlement School (KY); commissions across the U.S and in Scotland.








Martha Clippinger, Licha, hand-dyed, woven wool, 72 x 48 inches


Martha Clippinger
Intuitive Geometries

Rather than plan and execute a quilt with precise cutting and predetermined patterns, students in this workshop will use their intuition. We値l study our fabrics, noting their colors and textures, and consider potential arrangements. During the process of piecing, participants will be encouraged to divide, add, split, shift, flip, and turn their compositions into new designs. The broken patterns and irregular symmetries of these intuitive geometries will produce quilts that are full of color, texture, and most of all, rhythm. All levels. Code S01TA

Studio artist; grants and awards: American Academy of Arts and Letters Purchase Award, Fulbright-Garcia Robles Research Grant (Mexico); residencies: MacDowell Colony (NH), Edward F. Albee Foundation (NY), Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation (NYC); representation: Elizabeth Harris Gallery (NYC).