Penland Scholarships

Althought fees paid by Penland students are more than matched by donations from contributors so that tuition, room, and board can be kept as low as possible, many talented students are unable to attend without financial assistance. In order to make its programs available to a diverse student body, the school works hard to provide hundreds of schoarships and tuition discounts. In fiscal year 2015, 736 Penland students—50 percent—attended with some form of financial assistance.


Penland scholarships are funded by auctions of student and instructor work, annual giving, targeted founation requests, and endowments that provide a permanent source of scholarship support.


Applying for a Scholarship

Available scholarships, application deadlines, and requirements vary depending on the session (spring, summer, fall) and the type of scholarship. Please pay careful attention to and follow the directions for applying outlined in the registration information for your desired session. We encourage you to apply for any scholarships for which you qualify; you will be considered for the most advantageous first.




Standby Discounts

Current K-12 teachers, college, university, and community college faculty, as well as residents of several local counties in North Carolina and Tennessee who take unfilled spaces in Penland summer classes and fall/spring one-week classes two weeks or less before the class begins receive half-price tuition. Standby discounts are available for fall and spring eight-week classes thirty days before the classes begin.


Scholarship Donors and Information

See the links below for more information about the many different scholarships Penland offers and the generous donors who support them.