Fall One-Week Session 2:
October 22 - 28, 2017


Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.


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Roger Parramore, That Night in Osaka, borosilicate glass,

52 x 42 inches


Roger Parramore
Flameworking Fundamentals

This fast-paced workshop is about gaining a firm understanding of the physical nature of glass and its relationship to the flame while developing a strong systematic approach to realizing each student’s vision. Discussions and demonstrations will cover solid sculpture, small-scale blown work, goblets, understanding color, equipment considerations, and beyond. This process-oriented workshop is about understanding the material and gaining the technical knowledge needed to move forward. It is for beginners in search of a sound base to build on and seasoned flameworkers in need of review. All levels. Studio fee: $115. Code F02GB

Studio artist, color manufacturer; teaching: Pilchuck (WA), Pratt Fine Art Center (WA), The Studio at Corning (NY), Niijima Glass Center (Tokyo), Osaka University of Arts (Japan), Craft Council of New Delhi (India); collections: Smithsonian American Art Museum (DC), Kobe Lampwork Museum (Japan), Imperial Household of Japan.







Jennifer Farrell, Urbs in Horto, letterpress print from metal and

wood type, 16 x 20 inches


Jennifer Farrell
Ornamental Letterpress Code

The best way to understand type and printer’s ornaments is to study them in their metal form. This workshop will improve your understanding of typography so your letterpress work (whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran) can improve and move beyond initial experimentation. We’ll explore the tradition of using ornaments to create pictorial images and letterforms. All students will create images that, depending on ability, may be simple one-color pieces or more intricate multicolored prints. We’ll address common problems in hand composition as well as type that presents aesthetic challenges. We’ll look at tips and tricks to get the best results from both new and old metal type. All levels. Studio fee: $55. Code F02L

Printer, owner of Starshaped Press (Chicago); teaching: Wells College Book Arts Center (NY), Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum (WI), Columbia College Chicago; exhibitions: Galerie F (Chicago), 23 Sandy Gallery (Portland, OR), Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum.







Kim Mirus, Shift, black and white wool, 16 x 16 inches


Kim Mirus
Untangled: Weaving on Floor Looms

Weave fearlessly and efficiently on floor looms. We’ll collaboratively dress looms with prepared warps and then weave, weave, weave! Each student will explore a variety of woven structures tailored to their skills and interests and will have the opportunity to experiment with materials, patterns, techniques, concepts, and different looms in a fun and inclusive setting. Students will leave with a plethora of samples, plans for future woven work, and the confidence and skills to weave independently on a floor loom. All levels. Taught in a second-floor walk-up studio. Studio fee: $30. Code F02TB

Studio artist; teaching: The Crucible (CA), national board certified visual art teacher (CA); residencies: Hambidge Center (GA), Icelandic Textile Center; Lenore G. Tawney Fiber Scholarship.