Books and Paper Workshops at Penland

Penland School of Crafts offers 1-, 2-, and 8-week classes in the book and paper arts taught by visiting instructors in our well-equipped studios. Classes focus on topics including designing handmade books, papermaking, printing, and book binding. Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.

Enrollment for summer and fall 2017 and spring 2018 workshops is currently open.





SUMMER session 6

August 13 - 25, 2017

Andrea Dezsö, Intergalactic Gardens, paper, linen thread, glue,

9 x 13 x 6 inches


Andrea Dezsö
Pop-Up Artists’ Books

Learn to make artists’ books that pop up, unfold, expand, and reveal; books that become theaters, platforms, movable structures, or interactive experiences. You’ll learn paper engineering to create movable books—first with simple structures and then with more complex ones. Then you’ll experiment with combining them in innovative ways and enhancing them with collage, drawing, or coloring. You’ll be encouraged to treat form and content as an interdependent whole as you create one-of-a-kind pop-up books. All levels. Code 06B


Associate professor at Hampshire College (MA); creator of three permanent public art works in New York City; illustrations commissioned by New York Times, Harper’s, Virginia Quarterly, McSweeney’s; representation: Nancy Margolis Gallery (NYC).


Steve Miller, There Are Things Too Marvelous to Be Spoken Of,

bound letterpress-printed reduction linoleum cut,

2-1/4 x 3-1/8 inches



Steve Miller
Just Imagine a Book

Everything comes together in the book. Let’s be struck by an idea, let’s attach words and images to that idea, let’s create a structure to support it. Then let’s set some type, create images, breathe in the mountain air, and put our shoulders to it to make a book. We’ll think about where words come from, how type is set, how images are created, how letterpress works, and how books come together. There is some magic involved. Open to motivated students of all levels. Letterpress studio. Code 06L


Professor at University of Alabama; College Book Art Association Distinguished Career Award; his Red Hydra Press work includes collaborations with Cuban artists and poets and has been widely exhibited and collected.






SUMMER session 7

August 27 - September 2, 2017

Susan Joy Share, Be the Queen Bee, paper, board, cloth, acrylic,

cord, wire, beads, photos, ribbon, felt, 15-1/2 x 24 x 4 inches


Susan Joy Share
Books & Boxes

Books and boxes are a natural fit. They may be a set or structurally integrated. They can enhance each other and the experience of opening and discovery. We’ll experiment with formats, including books sewn on tapes, paper enclosures, cloth-covered folding boxes, and Jacob’s Ladder boxes. We’ll generate content with paint, pencil, crayon, and collage. Students will create unique pieces as we fold, sew, glue, wrap, reveal, and engineer. This hands-on workshop includes demonstrations, lectures, and sample books. All levels. Code 07B


Studio artist; teaching: University of Alaska, Anderson Ranch (CO), Haystack (ME), Center for Book Arts (NYC); collections: Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Brooklyn Museum (NYC), Anchorage Museum (AK), National Museum of Women in the Arts (DC), Jaffe Center for Book Arts (FL).


Henrik Drescher, Print Magazine Cover, mixed media,

13 x 10 inches



Henrik Drescher
Outer Nature: Inner Nature

This workshop will explore drawing, image generation and collection, and book making. Students will create “notebooklets” working from the theme outer nature/inner nature. Students will make these using techniques they are already comfortable with, which could include drawing, photography, image transfer, and editing (including digital layout). Then we’ll scan them and create digitally-printed editions. These will be collated and assembled into books using Coptic binding. Each student will have a hand-sewn book filled with work from the group. Intermediate/advanced level: for students with an ongoing art practice who are prepared to work with existing technical skills. Drawing/painting studio. Code 07D


Studio artist, illustrator; teacher at School of Visual Art (NYC) and Parsons (NYC); author of 30+ books; collections: Museum of Modern Art (NYC), Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Getty Museum (Los Angeles).





Fall 1-Week Session 3

November 5 - 11, 2017

Sarah McDermott, Birkensnake Literary Magazine, screenprint,

flocked paper, wallpaper, 5 x 7 inches


Sarah McDermott
Draw, Expose, Print, Fold

Students will learn new skills in screenprinting while also creating simple book structures. We’ll begin with a primer on the photo-emulsion screenprinting process, exploring different ways of making stencils from film positives including drawing, rubylith, and photographic imagery. We’ll also work on layering transparent colors. At the same time, we’ll practice folded book forms and investigate sequence, movement, and the relationships between surfaces as we begin to integrate images into these structures. We’ll pay attention to materials, including papers that work well for both printing and folding. Each student will create an edition to share with their classmates. All levels. Studio fee: $60. Code F03X

Studio artist; teaching: Corcoran College of Art and Design (DC), Center for Book Arts (NYC); residencies: Women’s Studio Workshop (NY), Oregon College of Art and Craft; collections: Yale University (CT), Library of Congress (DC), Smithsonian American Art and Portrait Gallery Library (DC).







Spring 1-Week Session 1

March 25 - 31, 2018

Radha Pandey, Books in a Box, paper, board, cloth,

5-1/4 x 7-1/4 x 4 inches

Radha Pandey
Books in a Box

This workshop will cover five book structures ranging from simple to more complex, which will be housed in a box. We’ll start with variations of pamphlet bindings and then proceed to soft and hardbound structures with multiple sections. Each day will begin with a demonstration of a binding and a range of methods that can be used in its completion. We’ll make informed choices that suit our needs, and by the end of the week, each student will have a unique selection of handmade books housed in an elegant box and the knowledge needed to create books that vary in complexity, appearance, and utility. All levels. Studio fee: $75. Code S01B

Studio artist; teaching: University of Iowa Center for the Book, Women’s Studio Workshop (NY), North Bennett Street School (MA), Leksands Folkhögskola (Sweden), Muse Moli de Paperer (Spain); collections: Library of Congress (DC), Haas Arts Library Special Collections at Yale University (CT), Fleet Library at Rhode Island School of Design, Cleveland Institute of Art.








Spring 1-Week Session 2

April 8 - 14, 2018

Claudia Smigrod, Adjustment to the Light #2, silver gelatin contact

print, 5 x 4 inches

Claudia Smigrod
Tell Me a Story

Students will create handmade books that tell stories through photographs. Topics will include the aesthetic and technical aspects of digital photography, various forms of artists’ books, simple binding techniques (accordion, pamphlet, Japanese stab, and others), and an overview of visual artists working in book form. We’ll have group critiques and demonstrations. Photographic images may be taken during our workshop or collated from other sources such as personal archives, family collections/albums, etc. All levels. Studio fee: $45. Code S02B

Studio artist, professor emeritus from Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (DC); other teaching: Edwin Conquest Visiting Chair of Humanities at Virginia Military Institute, University of Georgia Cortona Italy Program, Swarthmore College (PA); residencies: Virginia Center for the Creative Arts; collections: National Gallery of Art (DC), Smithsonian American Art Museum (DC), Chrysler Museum (VA), Yale University (CT).